Confirmed Participants

Simon Khalaf
Robert Scoble
Cameron Clayton
Mike McCue
Scott Stanchak
Ben Reubenstein
Craig Atkinson
Cameron Craig
Benjamin Kennedy
Hany Nada
Candace Locklear
Anna Bager
Kate Watts
James Hughes
John Koetsier
Jack Levin
Peter Hudson
Glenn Eisen
Pat Dermody
Richard Sgro
Sharon Hibbert
John Ruhlen
Ken Willner
Steven R. Smith
Adam Laskowitz
David Parry
Ching-Mei Chen
Troy Sechrist
Rajeev Rajan
Jerome Nadel
Emily Kaplan
Peter Borden
Stuart Sikes
Brian Suthoff
Adam Rockmore
Caroline Lewko
Raquel Basso
Peter Hamilton
James Kelm
Ian Beacraft
Terrence Coles
Nick Berry
David Bairstow
Sean Blankenship
Timo Bauer
Erik Rogstad
Nate Williams
Brian Dunphy
Spencer Scott
Doug Rozen
Meredith Herman
Ashwin Navin
John Piccone
Rob Gelick
Yoav Arnstein
Rahul Raj
Jeremy Steinberg
Brandon Albers
Jeremy Lockhorn
Rachel Pasqua
Mayur Gupta
Kash Kapadia



APPNATION is the largest conference and exhibit in North America focused exclusively on the business of apps and the broader consumer app economy. Our annual conference takes place every year inside the Consumer Electronics Show - the largest technology conference in the world with an estimated 175,000 attendees.  We are excited to further expand our partnership with CES as the APPNATION conference and exhibit moves to Tech West at The Sands Expo at CES in Las Vegas. The theme of this year's event is: "Acquire. Engage. Monetize." APPNATION reaches the full long-tail of app developers and publishers from the cool indies all the way up through the largest brands and companies in the world.


APPNATION is not a technical conference as our sole mission is to help app developers of all shapes and sizes build great businesses through inspiring keynotes, topical roundtable discussions, and deep-dive workshops that deliver actionable advice and best practices. We focus exclusively on the consumer app economy and our core areas of coverage include:
  • Discovery
  • Distribution
  • Acquisition
  • Monetization
  • App Marketing & PR Strategies
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Lifetime Customer Value
  • Consumer Insights
  • UI/UX Best Practices
  • Cross-Platform Development


We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with CES as we move our seventh national conference, APPNATION VII over to Tech West at The Sands Expo at CES 2016. Our exhibit will run January 6-9, 2016 - the full length of the CES exhibit schedule - and our conference will run January 7-8, 2016 in a conference venue immediately adjacent to our exhibit. This is a huge win for our attendees, exhibitors, and partners as the APPNATION exhibit will now be exposed to and directly accessible to all 175,000 estimated attendees of CES in 2016 and our premium conference will be packed with over 80 sessions and 150 industry thought leaders and influencers, will be promoted directly to all CES attendees as well. As you know, virtually all consumer electronic devices will ultimately be "connected" and we will be diving into the Internet of Things to talk about the app ecosystem and development opportunities around emerging connected devices such as connected cars, homes, wearables, and more. This is a unique opportunity to bring the global connected device, content, marketing, and consumer app communities together to network, develop partnerships, and explore new business opportunities. We look forward to seeing you at APPNATION VII at CES in January!


The official APPNATION VII Call For Speakers is open until December 15, 2015 although we always encourage everyone to submit as early as possible. Please Click Here to file your speaker submission.


We have a wide variety of speaking and exhibit opportunities and we make every effort to guarantee our supporting exhibitors and sponsors thought leadership opportunities as part of valuable, independent content. We also offer, on a case-by-case basis, highly-qualified industry sponsors the opportunity to conduct and lead dedicated, topic-specific, deep-dive workshops and roundtable session on the main-stage. For more on the sponsorship and exhibit opportunities, you may view the full sponsorship prospectus here or you may reach out directly to our Event Chairman, Drew Ianni at