Blinkist 5.5.3 for Android - Download

Blinkist 5.5.3 for Android - Download

Want to read but don't have time for it?


Blinkist is an app aimed at those users that want to read nonfiction books but don't have time for it, or simply don't like to spend a lot of time in front of a book.

The main idea behind Blinkist is to help others absorb the knowledge of certain books without having to spend several hours in front of it. In essence, what Blinkist does is summarize books, divide them into small subjects, and make them more accessible for everyone.

The Blinkist catalogue includes mainly business-oriented and personal development books. That said, almost all the books in its virtual library are about self-help, focused on happiness or success in business.

The Blinkist interface is easy to navigate and allows you to explore its catalogue, add books to your personal library, or mark books as read with just a touch of the screen.

Blinkist is an 'educational' tool thanks to which you can 'read' some books. The problem (or advantage, depending on your point of view) is that actually you will only read summaries, and the books are maybe not the most interesting in the world.

Blinkist 5.5.3 for Android - Download

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