Dawn Of Titans 1.23.0 for Android - Download

Dawn Of Titans 1.23.0 for Android - Download

Real-time battles with impressive graphics


Dawn of Titans is a strategy game where you have to lead your army in massive armed confrontations against other players. You mission is to direct troops and select their targets according to troop type.

As you advance in the game you can expand and upgrade your village, from which you can create new units to unite your ranks, each with a specific function. Striking the right balance in units and abilities is what will spell victory or defeat in your standoffs.

During the battles you have to set the starting position of your army and mark the area that you want to move towards or attack. The confrontation happens in real time, and you can change the route and marked target on the fly to adapt to how the battle plays out. Plus you can charge at top speed and advance while taking cover to counter long-distance attacks, and even use magic and giant creatures to get rid of numerous groups quickly.

Dawn of Titans is a spectacular strategy game along the lines of the popular Total War saga. Its main appeal is that it condenses this action into short rounds to let you take part in sprawling skirmishes that are still contained enough to enjoy in quick doses.

Dawn Of Titans 1.23.0 for Android - Download

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