Bubble Fruit 1.07 for Android - Download

Bubble Fruit 1.07 for Android - Download

Sort the fruit into the right baskets


Bubble Fruit is a game of skill where you can enjoy hours of fun sorting out different types of fruit and vegetables. This fun game can help your little ones develop their motor skills while learning about fruits and vegetables of all kinds.

The gameplay is as simple as it gets. Your aim is to collect all the produce items as they fall from the sky and sort them into their respective baskets. To do it you have to first check where each one goes, since you can't mix fruit and vegetables in the same basket. Once you have a good idea of which items go in each basket, you have to tilt your smartphone or tablet to make the falling produce land in their proper basket. Do pay close attention because they all fall at the same time, so you have to make sure you put each one in the proper basket without any mistakes.

With this fun game, both young and old can have fun collecting and organizing fruit and vegetables into different baskets. Pass all 10 levels to become the best picker of all time!

Bubble Fruit 1.07 for Android - Download

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