Google Keep 3.4.803.03.30 for Android - Download

Google Keep 3.4.803.03.30 for Android - Download

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Google Keep is the official application from Google, designed to provide competition for other lifetime reminder applications, such as Evernote or Catch Notes. As such, this is a tool which lets you leave virtual notes on your Android.

The application allows you to create notes both by typing them as usual, and by recording a voice message, especially useful when you are in a hurry.

You can attach all kinds of pictures or lists to your notes, and, as with all Google applications, they will be synchronized between your Android and your computer or laptop.

Another interesting feature, although not currently working, is the one that lets you automatically transcribe any voice you have record in the terminal.

Of course, you can also set different colours for your notes to differentiate between notes for work, spouse, friends etc.

Another interesting feature is that you can convert any note in to a list of checkable items, making it ideal for shopping lists.

Google Keep is an outstanding note taking application, which means, hopefully, you will not forget anything, from a work appointment to a pint of milk at the supermarket, ever again.

Google Keep 3.4.803.03.30 for Android - Download

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