MiTalk Messenger 7.7.17 for Android - Download

MiTalk Messenger 7.7.17 for Android - Download

The Mi instant messaging app


MiTalk Messenger is a Mi instant messaging app that lets you do practically the same thing as Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, and other similar apps. In other words, you can chat with all your contacts, individually or in groups. And these groups aren’t small, they can include up to 500 people.

As you can imagine, MiTalk Messenger has a ton of different modern features such as sending quick voice messages or short videos. Just click on a button and start recording. And of course, you can also send text messages along with pictures, images, other files and emojis.

In order to use MiTalk Messenger you need to have a Mi user account and a working phone number. Keep in mind that the people you want to communicate with using this service also have to have the app installed.

MiTalk Messenger is a really interesting alternative to other similar instant messaging apps. It offers practically the same features as all the others and it as a really nice interface.

MiTalk Messenger 7.7.17 for Android - Download

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