Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9226.2077 for Android - Download

Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9226.2077 for Android - Download

The Android version of the legendary PowerPoint


Microsoft PowerPoint is the official Android app for one of the most-used programs in the world at a business level: PowerPoint. In the PC version, the program from Microsoft has always been the king of presentations; now, with this app, it's attempting to do the same in Android.

Users of Microsoft PowerPoint can do practically everything in the app that they could with the traditional Windows program: create presentations with as many slides as you want, choose among dozens of different styles and designs, insert text and images, etc. In short, you'll have total freedom when creating presentations.

One of the most interesting options in Microsoft PowerPoint is that you can start a presentation in Android and finish it in Windows. To do so, you just have to sign in with your user account. In addition, of course, you can import or export any PPT or PPX file.

Microsoft PowerPoint is an excellent tool for making presentations and includes all the tools and features you could possibly want.

Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9226.2077 for Android - Download

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