Shooty Skies 2.200.7698 for Android - Download

Shooty Skies 2.200.7698 for Android - Download

A truly crazy SHMUP (shoot 'em up)


Shooty Skies is a SHUMP (shoot 'em up) game where you control an aircraft at the bottom of the screen. You have to try to get as far as you can, while shooting your enemies and simultaneously dodging their attacks.

The controls in Shooty Skies are really accurate. You control the aircraft's movement by pressing on the screen and sliding your finger from one side to the other. If you stop pressing the screen, your aircraft stops moving and starts loading a powerful attack. This means, if you want to attack with more force, you have to risk staying still for a little while, becoming an easy target.

The game was created by some of the developers of Crossy Road, which is obvious just by looking at it. The game features the same polygonal graphics, and is equally crazy at every level. The enemies range from little robots and bats, to arcade machines and laptops.

As usual, you can buy new characters with the coins you earn as you play. In the beginning there's only one character available, but soon enough you can add many more to your team.

Shooty Skies is an excellent arcade game for Android. It has great graphics, and controls that are perfectly designed for touch screens.

Shooty Skies 2.200.7698 for Android - Download

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