Siege of Thrones 0.8.0 for Android - Download

Siege of Thrones 0.8.0 for Android - Download

Management strategy inspired by Game of Thrones


Siege of Thrones is an addicting strategy game that's openly based on the acclaimed TV show Game of Thrones. Players choose to join one of the three main houses within the game, all of which are strikingly similar to Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. No matter which you choose, you'll bear arms fighting against your enemies.

Battles in Siege of Thrones are fast-paced and relatively simple. Players select one of three different orders within each troop which works similarly to the schoolyard classic rock-paper-scissors. That way depending on the kind of orders that are given to enemy units, you'll receive one result or another.

When off the battlefield, you'll manage an empire. As is usual in strategy games, constructing buildings and improving your castle is your other main goal. You also need to recruit new characters (all of which are very similar to characters from Game of Thrones) that are there to help you along your adventure.

Siege of Thrones is a strategy game whose main appeal is its outrageous similarity to Game of Thrones. Visuals, albeit leaving a lot to be desired during battle, are still fairly decent in general terms.

Siege of Thrones 0.8.0 for Android - Download

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