Another Oneexhaust Mod Shory Exhaust Drz400sm

DRZ400s Exhaust Mod - Free and Easy

Simple mod that opened up the exhaust flow a little more with the stock muffler to create a better sound and compliment the new jetting and airbox mod.

DRZ400 Exhaust Can Mod/Polish Build Vlog #8

LINKS BELOW: Still have to get the bike back from the exhaust shop and do a few other little things but at least I got the exhaust back. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drz400upgrades/...

Never stop - KTM SX / Suzuki DRZ / Yamaha DT XT

finally a new video unfortunately a bit short. Tell us if you like it. Bikes: KTM SX 520 Suzuki DRZ 400 Yamaha XT 600 Yamaha DT 125 Musik: Fable - Killing our memories Visit us on FACEBOOK:...

Suzuki drz400sm

3x3 mod stage 2 jets, smaller sprocket and stock exhaust with mods. I cut it in half and cut out the baffle and cat. Now it sounds like this! I want an aftermarket one but dont know what one...

2017 DRZ SM 3X3 Mod Done Right

This video is for the 3X3 mod air box on DRZ SM. Saw quite a few videos that I felt didn't do this justice. So I decided to make my own.

110MPH Dirt Bike+Drz400 0-60 time

DISCLAIMER speedo is off by 8mph DUE to Supermoto wheels on a S model Drz, GPS proven.stock motor/carb, mrd exhaust,jetting,airbox mod :]