Bmw E36 Carpc Autodroid Nexus 7

Nexus 7 Autodroid In Dash Install

Nexus 7 in dash of a 2001 GMC Sierra. Autodroid 1.2, Sony S300BTX, Hertz ESK 6.5 Components, JL Audio TW3 10 Subwoofer, JL 250/1 Monoblock amp, ...

E36 with an HTC tablet

Another little update, whell, now it's kinda functional, just need to add in more stuff via bluetooth. and i think my amp is not working fine.

BMW e36 Tablet installation

Установка AUX, монитор системы на BMW e36 Мастер Гусейн (Huseyn): +994 55 444 85 88.