Broken Rpm Tachometer Gauge Repair Nissan Terrano

How To: Fix Nissan S14 240SX Tachometer

The tachometer on my 1998 S14, like most S14s, had a mind of it's own. In this video I will show you how to fix the infamous S14 tach problem on your 240SX, ...

Nissan tach reset

The tach on a Nissan can sometimes spin all the way over and then not read correctly. There is a way to reset it. Here's how.

Fixed rpm

In the other video it shows how the rpm was going out of control well I fixed that problem as I talk about it in the video thanks for watching.

How To Fix A Speedometer

In this video, I will show you how I fixed my speedometer problem on my 1992 Dodge Dakota. I tested the speedometer cable, and I determined I needed a new ...

2006 Dodge Ram RPM Tachometer repair

This is how I fixed the cluster from these 06 ram tachometer. took it apart and re-solder the chips on the back Follow me on twitter. ...

Tachometer conversion or repair

How to repair or convert a mechanical or electric/electronic tachometer with uRevCo. uRevCo is a conversion kit produced by mt-emb INFO: