Brunton Compass 101

Brunton Compass 101

Learn how to use the Brunton Pocket Transit to measure planar and linear features in rocks with William & Mary Geologists!

Map Compass 101

Let's look at the most basic uses of a map style compass and how to use it for simple navigation in the wilderness.


What do these two terms mean in geology. Listen as Joe Devatia explains.

Brunton Compass 'TruArc' 20

Further upgrades to a trusted classic, the TruArc™ 20 is the modified grandchild of the original 8099. Now featuring our TruArc™ global needle system that will ...

Woodsmanship 101 - Navigation 1

Being able to navigate through the backcountry is an essential skill if you're going to be spending time off the beaten path. Here, we'll talk a little about why map ...

How to navigate with a REAL COMPASS!

This will work with both digital and real topo maps. Hope it helps! Compass: Brunton Classic Topo: Gaia GPS Declination: AndroiTS Compass Facebook: ...

Flash Review: Brunton Ball Compass

This is a Flash Review for the Brunton Ball Compass It is a reat little pin on compass that show direction well. This video is dedicated to ewtoutdoors!