Irf510 40m Transmitter Experiment Part Ii

IRF510 40m AM transmitter experiment

(press 'Show more' ;-) An experiment to help Linas, a young guy in Lithuania, building his transmitter. Oscillator is made with a 74HC14 @8.2V, fed into a biased ...

40m LINEAR AMP - Ramsey KIT

Assembly of Ramsey's QAMP Linear RF power amplifier kit. The QAMP is a compact 10 to 20W amp designed to be driven by 1/2 to 2 Watt transmitters.

VK2BLQ's USB Powered radio

Stephen wrote: "I fired up a SDR board, not sure whose circuit I used, very similar to YU1LM. The oscillator is a 28322 osc block, so is 7080 when I/Q'd.

IRF510 mosfet crude AF amp

simple. crude audio amplifier using an IRF510 MOSFET as a Class D (PWM) amplifier other active devices used: TL082 duel JFET input op-amp, LM339 quad ...

BITX (single IRF510) PA using IRF634

I recently built BITX PA. As 4 IRF510s in my junkbox blew off, I scavanged a IRF634 from an old CRT monitor board and got the PA running. Have tested it only ...

Tubes annoy

Why do they have to have these weird configurations? Transistors SO much better!!