Kats Hacks Ue Boom Part 1

Kat's Hacks UE Boom Outtakes

I can definitely laugh about myself, so you should have the opportunity too ;-) Have fun with this outtakes from my UE Boom shoot!

Kat's Hacks AirPods Part 2

Hey guys, I'm back with a brandnew product unboxing and review. I was really lucky and got a pair of Apple AirPods. They are pretty hard to get at the moment.

Kat's Hacks E02 iPhone 7 (part 1)

Hi guys, it's me again, your Chief Executive Nerd. I've got a surprise for you: A brand new iPhone 7 that I just picked up at the store. In this video I'm going to talk.

Kat's Hacks UE Boom 2 Teaser

Hi guys! I did it again! Another gadget gets unboxed and dropped under the water. I'm still editing this new video, so stay tuned :-) And follow me here If you.

Kat's Hacks mobile printer Part 1

Hey guys, this is another Kat's Hacks episode and let me tell you that it is a real classic! If you follow me for a longer time you'll know what I mean Today I'm.

Kat's Hacks VR glasses Part 1

Hey guys, today I have a very futuristic gadget for you. It's a brand new Zeiss VR One Plus. You can call it the luxury version of Google cardboard or the poor.

Kat's Hacks iPhone 7 Part 2 (censored)

Sorry I've kept you waiting for so long, guys. But I had to censor this part 2 of my iPhone 7 unboxing and test a little, before I was allowed to upload it again.

The other side of Kat: Dunes

Hi guys it's your one and only Kat :-) Today I have something special for you. I've been asked a lot wether I only do Kat's Hacks or other videos as well. And I'm.