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Nothing'revolutionary' or new 'features' on iPhone X or 8...like always, Apple just rebrand some utilities used by era in Android device. But is understandable for that price.
#3 rusumen, Sep 13, 2017
Some Androids actually do cost more than the iPhone X, like Samsung Galaxy Note8.
#4 mikedt, Sep 13, 2017
The note 8 is 930 where the iPhone X is 999 so you are wrong
#5 greekmanx, Sep 13, 2017
Well I have to ask where in the world are you, what country, and what currency? I'm in China.
#6 mikedt, Sep 13, 2017

Note.8 is the edge of Android device and is phablet and the price for Android devices is worth because is not constrained by software.
#7 rusumen, Sep 13, 2017
Sorry, don't understand that.
#8 mikedt, Sep 13, 2017
Looks nice doesn't it? But no way would I be willing to part with £1000 for it.
#9 LV426, Sep 13, 2017
But who pays full up front retail prices in the UK, when Vodafone, O2, 3, EE, etc. offer it heavily subsidised on contract, like no cost up front, or £50 or something provided you sign a two year contract for it. And it will be locked of course. And expect similar pricing in the UK for iPhone X as well.
#10 mikedt, Sep 13, 2017
£50 a month?!!! That is £1200 over two years, so it actually costs me more than buying it retail.
In my experience contracts always cost you more than buying the phone outright. But either way, it's a ton of cash that I'm not willing to pay out.
#11 LV426, Sep 13, 2017
Although I spend most of my time in China, I'm still very interested on how much one pays for phones and service in the UK. On my last visit in July I was using EE.
#12 mikedt, Sep 13, 2017
For crying out loud, if they can't get the face recognition to work on a high profile demo, that is, as they say "epic fail". Does not inspire confidence in something that costs the Earth!
#14 LV426, Sep 13, 2017
They aren't delivering it until November, so they've another 7 weeks to get the face recognition working reliably. Though I couldn't help thinking about what the blogs would have said if e.g. HTC had failed in a similar way ;).

As for phone costs on contract I always look at the total cost of a deal over the 2 year contract vs buying the phone outright and continuing my current sim-only deal, and it's rare that it's not cheaper to buy the phone off-contract (for those who can afford it). Lower upfront cost usually means higher total as well, but that's par for the course: being poor is more expensive, and not just when it comes to phones.

However, a contract-subsidised phone doesn't have to be locked to the service provider: buy it through carphonewarehouse rather than a carrier shop and you get an unlocked, non-carrier-branded phone.
#15 Hadron, Sep 13, 2017
I'll add to that the second hand market, and you can easily get yourself a great unlocked phone at a very reasonable price. Both my wife's Nexus 4 and my Nexus 5 were bought second hand, in perfect condition, and are still working very nicely. My data/voice service costs £5 a month. I just couldn't imagine paying the monthly subscriptions that some people cough up.
#16 LV426, Sep 13, 2017
well i do think they have a better setup for Face ID.. with the added IR light and sensors. Once all the bugs are worked out it will be good thing.

the Edge to Edge screen is a little misleading. because the bezel is thinker than average. compare the iphone bezel to the samsung S8 infinity sides.

and from what i have read.. if you do the math, the overall screen to size ratio. Samsung S8 is more edge to edge.

and that big black sensor area at the top..
when you are watching vids or apps..
that kills the top area.. making it a huge head bezel.

and did anyone notice how big those icons look in the home-screen? looks like a toy phone.
#17 dan330, Sep 14, 2017
The S8's side bezels are hard to judge because of the way the screen edges folded down - they aren't at all negligible, but the design hides them. So I'll leave them out of comparisons. But from side-by-side comparisons of images on the same scale (PhoneArena's "size compare" tool can be used for this) I'd say the X's side bezel+frame together are slightly thicker than those of the Pixel, LG G6 or HTC 10, and much thicker than the Essential PH-1.

For the size of device the screen to size ratio is pretty good (it's easier to score high on that with a bigger phone, since the same size bezels are proportionately smaller). UI though, well if you don't like their choices you don't buy an iPhone - their attitude is that if you feel the need to customise to your tastes you should change your tastes ;)
#18 Hadron, Sep 14, 2017