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Support “Could not do normal boot, mmc_read failed”

Anyone know what to do? In order to charge/turn on/restart my phone I constantly have to pull out the battery which isn't good. I've attempted downgrading and upgrading via Odin, which now voided my warratny even though I wasn't rooted. I'm quite mad also because I did a backup which didn't backup everything. My WhatsApp has not chat history, and I have 8GB of data missing. I've spent £290 replacing this phone's motherboard and now this happens...

Is this a hardware failure that I can't avoid?



#1 MrNateNate, Jan 25, 2016
MMC is "multimedia card", though it probably refers to the internal storage. If this started after using Odin I'd suspect a bad install of the ROM, but if you got that message before using Odin I'd be more likely to suspect hardware. I'm not a Samsung expert though, so hoping someone with more experience of this device turns up.
#2 Hadron, Jan 25, 2016
I hope to God it's not internal. I spent £290 replacing the motherboard in August. I'm no longer under warranty for some unknown reason too, I haven't rooted.

My battery constantly died quickly, and then I deleted an app called Clean Master which fixed that issue. Since then I update to 5.1.1 via Smart Switch, after that is when the issue started occurring..
#3 MrNateNate, Jan 25, 2016
Well, I spoke to Samsung on the one, they told me it sounds like software failure. Told me to come in anyway. Spent almost an hour getting there to be told the engineers went home. Then someone attempted suicide in the area, worst day ever. Waste of time and money.

I will call them again today and take another trip. The back of my phone is broken now from the constant battery pulls. There's an update, shall I try it before? Currently have no warranty too.
#4 MrNateNate, Jan 26, 2016
Considering I've just paid £290 to replacement a motherboard, I'm not willing to pay another 190 to of do this unless I have to, and even then I'd rather just buy a new Note 4. Anyone have any solution ideas? I've tried Odin but not with the PIT file.
#5 MrNateNate, Jan 26, 2016
Hey everyone,

I have the same problem. I got mmc_read_fail.

For the moment, my solution si pull out the battery for 1 min and put it back again.

Sometimes it work, sometimes not so I do that again.

Do you have any solution, for this problem, this january?
#6 Ledstrife, Apr 28, 2016

Just the best method is to use a older version of ODIN3
#7 Akam, May 10, 2016
This is a hardware problem.Click the link below to understand what to do.
#8 Megli, Feb 28, 2017
How do you CHARGE the battery after disconnecting the charging cable? Charge the battery outside the phone?
#9 T45, Mar 29, 2017
Looks like Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating potential claims against Samsung relating to this defect.

I would recommend everyone in this board to sign up on their site and let them know your issues.

#10 Sharif Rizal, Aug 18, 2017