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Tips 1500mAh battery

Hi guys

I was wondering whether anyone has experience with the 1500 mAh battery which is sold throughout eBay and other websites.

One of these weeks I'm purchasing the Galaxy Ace but I want to get the best out of battery life. Therefore I was wondering whether the investment for this extra battery is worth the cash?

Next to that, anyone got experience with the purchase via eBay. I don't trust it totally... cause it isn't sold via a shop or so...



#1 Brython, Nov 6, 2011
get a better phone

ive charged mine up 3 times since friday and its only sunday night =/

piece of shit tbh, im really disappointed in it
#2 FightingFigure, Nov 6, 2011
Dunno that batt will be better. Don't waste your time and money. All smartphones needs better batt, and there is no smartphone you can (heavy) use more than a day. If you want to make calls and sms, buy a normal phone, not smartphone, they will last much longer. Or perhaps you've seen a notebook, netbook, etc. working all day without charging? I dunno. So the same with smartphones. They needs to be charged every day (if you use them heavily, of course. My SGA lasts 5-7 days easily making calls and sms). Unless someone could make 5 Ah batt, take into account what I said ;)

EDIT: you will find good tips here @ AF on how to enhance batt life.
#3 SashiX, Nov 6, 2011
@FightingFigure: Are you serious? Cause most comments I read about this phone or quite good (for it's price segment). The only negative thing is the battery, but that seems to be the case for every smartphone. On many reviews they even say the SGA has one of the better batteries

@ SashiX: Well I'm not planning on to use the internet function that often. Just to check some things regularly, so I suppose I should be able to get like 2 days of juice out of it just with smsing & calls.
#4 Brython, Nov 7, 2011
no the phone is fine itself. and it has good features.
but i dont see the point in having to turn all the features off so it will last a whole day without dying.

it's like having a pilots license and being scared of planes... ******ed.

you cant even use it as an mp3 player, well you can but you wouldnt want to
#5 FightingFigure, Nov 7, 2011
Well then it seems excellent for my usage :). I'm sorry to hear your downsides, cause in my experience Samsung is a very good brand.

I just want a decent Android smartphone to text intensively, call from time to time and check my mails and schoolhours 1-2/day. So that shouldn't take much of my internet capacity :)

I have never used my phone as for gaming purposes or MP3 purposes. Better tools exist for this matter :) So I guess my future purchase is justified then :p.

It's just weird that some people can really get 2 and sometimes even 3 days of battery out of it, while I hear other stories about 8 hours of battery life :/
#6 Brython, Nov 7, 2011
Give the battery sometime to 'wear' itself in. When I first bought my ace earlier in the year I was charging it up twice daily with medium to heavy use. 6 month down the line and I get 1-2 days before it needs recharging. I'm sure Gingerbread has helped a bit but the battery deffo needs some wear time.
#7 Gammer, Nov 7, 2011
Hi Brython,
I got this external charger and 2 batteries which are 1500 mah for 6.99 from Hongkong via ebay [​IMG]2 1500m BATTERY+CHARGER FOR Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 GIO S5660 FIT S5670 UKGR | eBay
They do last a little bit longer but there's not much in it.I'm in the UK and it took 10 days to arrive also really handy having an external charger.
I also got these 2 1600 mah again from China but not from ebay and these do definatly last longer than the stock battery.
Discount 1800mah Andida Spare Battery for Samsung S5830 Ace [bty021]- US$8.99 -
Also upgrading the handset to Gingerbread 2.3.5 made the battery hold it's charge for longer.:)
#8 tommytinkroom, Nov 7, 2011
Thanks for your reply tommy. This external charger really seems useful indeed. And for such a low price.. :p

Oh btw, is the weight of these extra batteries significantly different? Or the heating level or so?
also I read some posts about even bigger batteries then 1800mAh might be a good idea to look at those as well :)
#9 Brython, Nov 7, 2011
I don't notice any difference with the weight or heat with these batteries.
I know once you get past the 1600 mah they can be thicker and sellers supply another plastic back with the battery to accommodate the thicker size.
Another tip i had with a new battery was to put it straight in the phone and drain the charge it comes with then charge it overnight,then drain again then charge overnight for abought another 4 times.:)
#10 tommytinkroom, Nov 7, 2011
Ah alright, thanks! I guess I'll be buying the 1600 mAh + external charger then :) Should be worth it then :p
#11 Brython, Nov 7, 2011
Thats the spirit!:)
#12 tommytinkroom, Nov 7, 2011
I bought one of the 1500mah from Hong Kong, took 10 days to arrive and was cheap. It doe slast longer than the standard 1350, but it also helped just due to the fact I had 2 batteries! Every now and again I use me phone in the day, txt, calls, and FB when having *** breaks, so I usually charge once a day, but if you're heading out in the evening as well, it can be so easy to quickly flip batteries!

They do last longer as I said, but it would be good if there are external battery chargers out there. So head out in the evening and put the day battery on charge!
I think no matter what phone you have, if you mess around with it a fair few times a day, it ain't going to last for ever! Friends with the Iphone say they run out just as quick. As time goes by phone was last for phone in the battery dept the same as cars get more economical!
#13 Ex Donkey Man, Nov 8, 2011
Well there are quite a few sellers on eBay with an external charger provided next to those batteries. For example:
1500mAh Battery and Battery Charging Stand for Samsung S5830 Galaxy ACE -

However, after comparing the Gio with the Ace I am once doubting again god*****. I never use a camera on a phone and it seems like the only difference between gio and ace despite a price difference of 100 euros in Belgium... So perhaps it would be stupid for me to pay 100 euro extra for a phone with a camera I never use :p
#14 Brython, Nov 8, 2011