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Support 18-digit MEID(DEC) for rebate?

Looking for the 18-digit MEID(DEC) number for LG Esteem. It's supposed to be all-numeric serial number located on the back of the phone under the battery. I do not see any 18-digit all-numerical serial number.

The alpha-numerical data on the back of the phone under the battery are:

- DATE (obviously this is not it)

- MODEL NO: LGMS910 (not it)

- FCC ID (8-character, and not all numerical)

- S/N (this is the serial number, but it has alphabets and only 14 characters)

- H/W REV (the revision number, two-digit, not it)

- IMEI (most likely is this one, it is all numerical, but it only has 14 digits, not 18)

Which one is the MEID(DEC) number?


#1 ktchong, Nov 22, 2011
Youre correct on the one you think it is. IMEI ;)
#2 ShinySide, Nov 22, 2011
Because it is a 4G handset, the MEID is the IMEI which is 14 digits instead of 18 because the IMEI converts to the ICCID when activated.
So to answer your question, you put the IMEI NOT the ICCID on the rebate form. They will detect it because it is a 4G handset plus I already got my $100 rebate like that.

Hope that answers your question
#3 Gomez025, Nov 23, 2011