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Support 2.2 Update - How do you clear download history?

I noticed that after I upgraded to 2.2 on my Droid, the "clear download history" option is now gone. It used to have "cancel all downloads" and "clear download history."

So, does anyone know how to go about clearing download history? Please help :thinking:

(I had this in another section, but I think it was the wrong one) :rolleyes:



#1 droid928, Sep 20, 2010
SO nobody knows this? Am I posting this in the wrong forum?
#2 droid928, Sep 20, 2010
I'll move this to the Droid forums for you. ;)
#3 Frisco, Sep 20, 2010
Hey, thanks! Hopefully someone can help. :)
#4 droid928, Sep 20, 2010
open browser/menu/more/downloads/

Long press on download and delete.
#5 twistedlim, Sep 20, 2010
Thanks, I've figured out that much but still no idea to clear all download history. Doing it one at a time is just too tedious. It's weird that they removed that option.
#6 droid928, Sep 21, 2010
Don't know this will also clear d/l history, but it might.

HistoryEraser - Android app on AppBrain
#7 Grey1001, Sep 21, 2010
Great find, Grey - that did the trick perfectly! :D
#8 The_Chief, Sep 21, 2010
Thanks, great app, but unfortunately it does not clear download history.
#9 droid928, Sep 22, 2010
I have the same problem. Even if I go one by one, it doesn't simply wipe the history, it actually deletes the file off the phone. I dont want to delete what I spent time downloading, just the history on the download queue.

Anyone have suggestions?
#10 kdiaz01, Apr 13, 2011
Open the browser hit the menu hit more goto settings scroll down and you will find, clear cache, clear history, clear all cookie data, clear form data! If that help's?
#11 sidewinder2180, May 20, 2011
If you are rooted, Titanium Backup will delete history's...
#12 Jerry-rigged, Jun 3, 2011
kdiaz01 I was having the same problem as you, when I try to delete the download history it actually deletes the file as well. The solution I found was to go into my file manager and move the files I downloaded into another folder then go back and delete the download history. This method does not delete the file just history.

btw I'm running android 2.3, not sure if it's the same on froyo
#13 10_1_3_1_19_19, Aug 4, 2011
Thanks, very helpful. I'm using Froyo on a Dell Streak 5 and didn't get the same choice of options but it worked anyway. From Search Settings there was the choice to 'Clear Shortcuts'. Under that was 'Clear shortcuts to recently chosen search settings. I hit that and it greyed out, with the result that the recent searches were now deleted. johnchurchill
#14 johnchurchill, Aug 14, 2011
You don't need an app to do this. Go to your download history, hold your finger over the app you would like to clear for a few seconds then a small window will pop up giving you the option of deleting the app from your history. It will not remove the actual app from your cell. You do the same thing if you would like to remove a specific number from your call log. Hope this helps.
#15 Bumbledroid, Aug 17, 2011
The OP wants to delete them *ALL* not one at a time.
#16 johnlgalt, Aug 17, 2011
Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All (tab) > Download Manager > Clear data > OK.
#17 Masian, Nov 17, 2011
When I do this, the list of downloads is still full in the "downloads" app, even after a phone reboot. I'm using a Samsung GS2 Skyrocket.
#18 leveleyed, Nov 27, 2011
Try this
#19 iynkaran, Mar 9, 2016
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Excellent. You should note that you posted this in a Forum for the original Droid that was discontinued a number of years ago and the most recent post prior to yours was in 2011.

... Thom
#20 Thom, Mar 9, 2016