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2TB Micro-SD Card?

Does such a beast exist for this phone? If so, where can one be ordered and for how much? I would settle for a 1tb card as well.

Has anyone actually used a Micro-sd card above 512 mb in this phone?



#1 pm20118354, Nov 26, 2016
I have a 200 gig SD card and it works great.

But the answer to your first question is, NO they do not make terabyte SD cards.
The largest SD card that is available is 256 gigs.
#2 sreum, Nov 26, 2016
And, more to the point, even if these cards did exist, would your device recognise one?

This may not be simply a case of plugging in the card.
#3 michaelkenward, Nov 26, 2016
The real question is are you ready to lose 2TB of data at once?
#4 lvt, Nov 26, 2016
The specs state it will recognize up to 2tb. A 2tb micro sd is likely not gonna be out by the end of this phones lifetime. If you need that much storage I'd recommend looking into an OTG adapter and using other types of storage like an actual portable drive lol
#5 matther22xdroid, Nov 26, 2016
Yes the phone will recognize a 2T SD card.
#6 sreum, Nov 26, 2016
I have a 256 GB Samsung card in mine and the phone sees it just fine. I have not used 512mb cards for years....... (Lots of years) o_O
#7 Lateck, Nov 26, 2016
Be wary: we had someone a few weeks back who thought they had bought a TB card. It was, of course, a scam (Google "fake microSD card" and you'll get hundreds of hits explaining the scams). Be very careful who you buy SD cards from, and if it looks too good to be true there's probably a reason for that...
#8 Hadron, Nov 26, 2016
Also have a 200 gigabyte card in mine. I honestly don't know if I'll even require that much storage, but it is nice to have
#9 Damar1979, Nov 26, 2016
I'll be switching to 200 as soon as they go on really good sale.
#10 matther22xdroid, Nov 27, 2016
I bought a 64 because I didn't want to have that much lost or damaged at one time if I filled it - and I empty important stuff fairly often. Almost talked my self into a 128 but the dollars talked me out of it.

I'd say save money on space and trade that for speed - get one of the faster classes of card without going all the way to the top end - no mobile can use those. There's another discussion about that on this board already. but there is a microSD spec that uses additional pins for extra bandwidth - no mobile and very very few readers know what to do with that right now.

anywho past 256gb I'd be looking at a usb C-3.0 setup and a removeable drive.
#11 Napalm, Nov 28, 2016
According to BoostMobile's website, the LG Stylo 3 supports microSD cards up to 2TB.
#12 Chris__M, Aug 28, 2017
Of course they've never tested that, because a genuine 2TB micro-SD doesn't exist yet
#13 mikedt, Aug 29, 2017
There is a 400 GB micro SD card available now.

#14 inkdesigner, Sep 5, 2017
Yes, The phones are tested @ 2TB
Yes, prototypes of the cards do exists.
We dont see these cards in the market for a number of reasons.

A phone company cannot simply claim support of certain memory without ever testing them. It might not be with an actual size microSD card but you can connect the card interface to another memory device of that capacity to test it. Its like taking a AA battery, hooking it up with wires, and connecting it to a device with AAA battery slot. It will work.

A 2TB SD card prototype does exist, but it costs too much to manufacture. Not many people would spend near about $1000 for one, so the company would not start manufacturing them till they have enough market share, their materials become cheap or the technology is ready. As we move ahead in time, 8K and so on formats will start becoming the norms, technology will evolve which would enable us to read and write to a device at a much faster speed. Then and only then it becomes sense to have such high memory cards. So companies need to wait before they invest into them. Also, the card needs to be tested extensively before they are released. There will always be x% of cards which will fail, does the cost of replacing them justify the sales.

There are many such reasons.
#15 neil7722, Dec 18, 2017
How is it that LG has not been sued for false advertisement yet. I purchased my v10 2 years ago the day it was released and I solely based my purchase on the fact that AT&T salesman along with the included user's manual say the phone's storage CAN BE expanded up to 2TB. And yet here I am STILL 2 years later with a phone I spent close to $1000 for that is no less useless for my intended use at time of purchase than an iphone or any other manufactured phone to date??

I see 1TB microSD cards for under $100 available online, but cannot verify with the manufacturers of the cards or with LG whether or not they're compatible. Anyone know a good contract litigation lawyer ?
#16 rabbitdffd, Apr 1, 2018 Last edited: Apr 1, 2018
find a 2TB microSD card and put it in the phone and show me the proof. . . .



#17 rabbitdffd, Apr 1, 2018
They're fake, especially if they're under $100.

The highest capacity legit card you get is 512Gb and they're extortionate.

If you want to ”Lawyer Up", good luck. It isn't the salespersons fault you bought a device to use with technology which didn't exist at the time.

Also, most modern devices claim they work with 2tb cards. Maybe take your issues to the ASA (or their equivalent wherever you are).
#18 El Presidente, Apr 1, 2018

The statement is one of compatibility: it's using a standard which supports cards of up to 2TB. That's not a statement that any particular company will release one of that capacity at any particular time. The statement is factually correct, and as such I'd advise you not to bother with lawyers: an honest one will explain why you would be wasting your time, a dishonest one will take your case and your money.
#19 Hadron, Apr 1, 2018
You can get a 1 Tb micro SD card on Wish.com and they work just fine.
#20 Darryl Smith, Apr 1, 2018
Many cards are counterfeit and tinkered with in such a way that they'll report they're a certain size, but they actually aren't. Do you have one? Have you put 1TB of data on it?

What brand is it?

Can you install and run this and screenshot what it says please? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.humanlogic.sdi
#21 El Presidente, Apr 1, 2018

The largest, consumer-grade card is currently 512GB, if there are higher capacity cards they would most definitely be noted as such.
Plus there's an undeniable factor involved where most phones, by a very large margin, simply don't support cards that large. If you trust storing your data on a non-supported card, be sure you have a backup solution set up. Just because it 'works' does not also mean it's safe nor reliable.
#22 svim, Apr 1, 2018
Which is some wholesaler of cheapo products in mainland PRC, yeh...I'm sure that's legit.


I was just browsing above mentioned Chinese B2C site, and found this gem...


It's actually a mostly empty plastic box with a 16GB USB thumb-drive inside, along with two coach bolts and a load of hot-melt glue to give it a bit of weight, yours for only $150 USD!
#23 mikedt, Apr 1, 2018 Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
This is the key question. What happens with fake cards is that when you exceed the real physical capacity of the card, as opposed to what it is telling the OS, it starts to overwrite the existing data. So they appear to "work fine" for a while, then you start to find data being corrupted.
#24 Hadron, Apr 2, 2018
Manufacturers say 'up to 2TB' because that's what the card format supports - see ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Digital .... for more information. "IF" we ever get microSD cards that c an be manufactured above this capacity then they'll have to come up with a new one - or an 'extension' to SDXC.

It's a change from the early days of 'smart' phones when the manufacturer would state support for cards up to 'xGB' where 'x' happened to be the largest card they could test with but soon after launch we could buy cards with '2xGB'. All the forum questions back then were 'but the abd V37-lite says it supports up to 16GB. Will this 32GB card work ...'.

Basically, if a phone supports the sdxc card format then any card UP TO 2TB can be supported. As I write this I believe we do have at least one 512GB card on the market and Sandisk have their 400GB one.
#25 dvhttn, Apr 2, 2018