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32GB MicroSDHC/TransFlash TF Memory Card???

Is this a good card to buy for 50 bucks?

"The microSD card is based on TransFlash, which is the world’s smallest flash memory card form factor and were recently adopted by the SD Card Association (SDA) and renamed "microSD."
The new microSD card is fully compatible with TransFlash card slots and is designed as a small, flash memory storage card for mobile phones and devices. It supports existing TransFlash product lines and will transition its handset customers and the retail channel to the renamed microSD card.​

  • Universal compatibility with TransFlash memory card slots.
  • Comes bundled with an SD Adapter for use with microSD or TransFlash cards.
  • Built-in security features enable users to download, store, and play secure content just like an SD card."
I'm not sure what Transflash really means or what it means that its the worlds smallest flash memory card factor??? Is this all a good thing?

Here is a listing for it:



#1 Eazail70x7, Jul 4, 2010
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#2 UrbanMuppet, Jul 4, 2010
I have been seeing a few post on the dual 16 gig card or something. Not sure what it is called. Wondering if someone can point a link to one of these 32gb that is being called 16gb x 2. Thanks. Sorry to cut in on this thread. Brian
#3 Brian1, Jul 4, 2010
I posted the link on my first thread. Its at the bottom of my post ;)

But I went ahead and entered the fray of battle and won this exact card for 36 bucks last night. Can't wait for it to get here. I saw another one from the same person I won mine from go for 28 bucks.

According to the item description, yes, they are full 32gig cards, not duel 16gigs. If anyone is interested in getting the one for 50 bucks, its still up I think so take a gander...

The buyer I got mine from had a %99.7 rating and I saw on his comment board that many were happy with their memory card purchases, so I think I'm ok.
#4 Eazail70x7, Jul 5, 2010
Per request of a moderator I am no longer a contributing member. Account pending for deletion.
#5 UrbanMuppet, Jul 5, 2010
#6 Eazail70x7, Jul 5, 2010
I won one too. Had a second thought before paying. Found an ebay recommendation not to buy. ALso a very highly ranked seller. Days later got am email from ebay asking me not to go ahead with it. NExt day sellerwas no longer registered. Ssorry guys but you were scammed. I can post the emails if you like. if you haven't paid, don't.
#7 lifeonmtv, Jul 6, 2010
here we go

1) i won the item

2) I saw the security website at ebay after googling for legitimacy, i sent this message to the seller a few hours later:


3) i got this response

4) i was tempted to ask for a refund for something i hadn't even paid for! lol

5) i just left it

6) received this from ebay a few days later

true story,

the seller 'proactionsales' 10,134 positive ratings...
eBay My World - proactionsales

no longer registered.

too good to be true
#8 lifeonmtv, Jul 6, 2010
I will def, keep an eye out for this, thanks. I will say that the person I bought it from left a positive feedback for me, good sign?
#9 Eazail70x7, Jul 6, 2010
$50 is definitely too good to be true. I highly suggest sticking with reputable brands and reputable sellers. A 32GB microSD from Sandisk is $200. It's a bit cheaper at around $140 from Provantage.
#10 takeshi, Jul 6, 2010
The 16gb card i am using now cost me 20 bucks + $6 shipping. Thoughts on that??? Ive been able to get good deals on ebay in the past...
#11 Eazail70x7, Jul 6, 2010
Prices of (Micro) SDHC cards these days center entirely on their speed rating. If you're not capturing/playing HD video, you're usually ok w/a lower class rating, but if you may be doing either of those, it's safer to stick with a class 6 or higher.

Needless to say, there are a ton of class 2 cards on the market for which demand has plummeted; therefore their pricing is through the floor.
#12 t-readyroc, Jul 6, 2010
I won this one for $27

32GB TF MicroSDHC Micro SDHC SD Flash Memory Card 32G - eBay (item 370396931895 end time Jun-15-10 18:39:01 PDT)

I later read some complaints on forums about fake 32gb cards being shipped. I check the sellers reviews and saw a couple of the same complaints. Found a tool (H2testw 1.4 ? Gold Standard In Detecting USB
#13 linuss, Jul 6, 2010
Thanks! I will def use this once the card gets here. I was reading one of the commenters story about his 8 gig cards, he was selling them but had no clue it was a fake one. One quick note as well, I saw that this goes all the way back to 2008.

I wonder if ebay has cracked down on it??

* I just noticed that they also showed tests for 64 gig cards/usb flash drives. Is this program meant to test micro sd cards as welll?? Or is it just usb flash drives?
#14 Eazail70x7, Jul 6, 2010
Yes, it is also meant to test SD cards.

Speaking of which, I got mine in the mail yesterday, ran the test, and low-and-behold, it's a fake. 2gb ok, 30gb not ok.

Paypal claim filed, with links to the 12 other people who did negative reviews on him on ebay for the same thing.
#15 linuss, Jul 10, 2010
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#16 UrbanMuppet, Jul 10, 2010
Yea, I knew that I had a bigger chance of it being a fake rather then just a cheap knockoff, but I wasn't worried. $27 truly isn't that much, even for someone on my Paramedic salary, and alas I'm fairly confident Paypal will refund due to the sellers history.
#17 linuss, Jul 10, 2010
Strangely enough, I was looking at the very same card you guys are talking about on Ebay, right before I stumbled upon this thread. FYI there are quite a few different sellers (all out of Hong Kong, surprise surprise) that are auctioning these cards starting at around 99 cents with free shipping... Bottom line is, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is..
And so, I cancelled my bid.
Good conversation, thanks all!!!
~Kimberlee :rolleyes:
#18 icnsydu, Jul 12, 2010
BTW, I just got the new android phone from U.S. Cellular, the Samsung Acclaim, and would like some educated advice on what size micro SD card to get.. Of course, I would LOVE to have a 32GB, but am unsure as to whether or not I can afford a good one.. Any comments? I've never had a smartphone/android phone or whatever..Hell, the nicest phone I've ever had was the Motorola Razr2 v9 hee hee..So.....I hear that the 16GB is the best "bang for your buck" but I am admittedly, a Serious Pack-Rat, and tend to be a hoarder, even with data.. ANYWAY, please advise on any and every single detail I should know about this..Thanks so much!!
#19 icnsydu, Jul 12, 2010
if you got 100+ bucks to spend on an sd card go grab a 32gb, if not 16 gbs are around the 50+ area, check around read reviews and research. newegg has good deals from time to time, they just got doen a pretty damn good one on 32 gbs (20% off i think it was for last weekend) in anycase i find that on a phone i have alot harder time filling up space. apps are relitivly small, and even with my music (i have well over 100gbs of music on my pc) i rarely ever keep a large amount on my phone, since i persoanlly dont have exstended times to listen to it.

my honest opinon, most phones come with some kind of memory, did yours? if so try it out, or get a cheap card if your unsure. but i cant see many people needing 32 gbs of storage.
#20 opticalshadow, Jul 12, 2010
Good job getting to the bottom of this. Saved me from making the same mistake. Thanks!
#21 jebo_4jc, Jul 15, 2010
I wish I would have found this before got mines I paid $31.00 an have spent the last 4 days blaming my EVO. I would copy movies and music over that I know where converted correctly with Handbrake some would make it and some would not. So just added my name to the paypal list.
#22 evogod, Jul 15, 2010
I win.

After I filed a complaint, the 'guy' tried emailing me several times asking if I could ship the card back and he'd refund me. I never responded (screw that, I'm not paying shipping to China for someone who might or might not repay me)

I guess he got scared that it'd be a mark against his Paypal, because he did a full refund and emailed me saying "If you can ship it back that'd be great, if not that's fine too"

I win,
#23 linuss, Jul 17, 2010
Hopefully mine gets here soon so can test it. All you need to do is download the program and run it right?
#24 Eazail70x7, Jul 17, 2010
I've been wAtching Kingston And sandisk auctions on eBay and those to for at least $100
#25 jebo_4jc, Jul 17, 2010