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General 5.0 Lollipop for Z970?

This phone is getting soon any firmware update to 5.0 lollipop?



#1 WindXforce, Sep 3, 2015
I have contacted both T-Mobile and ZTE and the results were mixed, T-Mobile doesn't think that it will but ZTE said the ZMAX will be getting it soon because they were testing it August 11,2015 on their phones. So I would suggest to just wait and see what happens or you can root and flash Cyanogenmod OS to it.
#2 Tigress01, Sep 4, 2015
Can't root my phone because i have build number B12. I just hope they launch the lollipop 5.0 on the Zmax
#3 WindXforce, Sep 5, 2015
This phone is bullshit. Should of never switched. No Root=No Fun
#4 Rex0821, Sep 6, 2015
if you look on the ZTE page: http://www.zteusa.com/zmax the screenshots on the ZMAX appear to be using the lollipop status bar icons. Hopefully it leads to 5.0!
#5 jjrx3, Sep 6, 2015 Last edited: Sep 7, 2015
They need to release this update
#6 WindXforce, Sep 7, 2015
yes they do
#7 fino8129, Sep 7, 2015
just update mine this morning now is b13 before update was b12 hope they release lollipop
#8 fino8129, Sep 7, 2015
Or it least if could be a way to root this version
#9 WindXforce, Sep 7, 2015
Just got this notification anyone know what it is?
#10 tonylc74, Sep 8, 2015
block root not lollipop
#11 fino8129, Sep 8, 2015
Supposedly the B13 update is rootable.
#12 MrHerbDaily, Sep 9, 2015
is not rootable i try everything out there
#13 fino8129, Sep 9, 2015
I think we might not get lolipop , I've heard a new zmax is being released aka zmax 2
#14 master odysues, Sep 22, 2015
Indeed. But it is an AT&T phone though
#15 Andrewred772, Sep 22, 2015
U can always find an unlocked version
#16 ravenslight, Sep 22, 2015
my understanding is this phone is a test run on the cheaper services to see if this company can provide a device premium enough for the premium carriers, but cheap enough to be profitable.

I think this is further supported by the spontaneous locking down of our devices and the polls ran on Google plus many months ago by the company itself.

I wouldn't be surprised if our exact handset is released as a different device, but with hidden options fully activated.
#17 DeadDude, Sep 23, 2015
Don't count on getting lollipop. They are coming out with the zmax 2 now with 5.1 lollipop. Its basically the same phone except the screen and battery are a little smaller and the back of the phone looks a little different. Bet they will just start selling the zmax 2 for metro and T-Mobile instead of updating the zmax. They would rather have you buy a new phone so they can make more money than spend money updating a phone that is discontinued.
But since the phones are almost identical, if someone manages to get root for the zmax 2 we might be able to use the zmax 2 lollipop ROM on the zmax. But only if your zmax can be rooted so if you are on the b10 b12 b13 or b33 firmwares this won't help you.
#18 Masterchief87, Sep 25, 2015
we have lollipop the best custome rom broken stay broken
#19 fino8129, Oct 29, 2015