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Ads on home screen

About two weeks ago ads started to appear on the home screen of my Samsung S5 and I can't work out how to stop them from appearing. I'd appreciate some advice please. If they can't be gotten rid of then my next phone won't be an Android.



#1 Jackie Harmony, Aug 11, 2017
Surprise! iPhones have the same problems!
It is caused by a rogue app.
#2 Dannydet, Aug 11, 2017
A screenshot would make things clearer. Try showing one.
#3 Leon Marco, Aug 11, 2017
Have a look at NoRoot Firewall. You can allow or deny web accesses for each app you're running. This can help isolate which app is the culprit...
#4 steiny180, Aug 12, 2017
What apps did you install or update shortly before this started?

Any apps installed as apk downloads from random websites, as opposed to from the Play Store, are more likely to contain adware (though there is adware in the Play Store too).

If you can identify which of your apps have the privileges to e.g. draw over other apps they may also be more suspect (something like Addons Detector may help).

However you track it down, the trick is to find the app that's causing these and remove it.

Please tell us if you made any other changes, such as using a one click root tool, since such things could also be relevant.
#5 Hadron, Aug 12, 2017
Laying odds here that you're using a third party keyboard.

The ginger keyboard is ESPECIALLY notorious for displaying ads randomly, but only when you tap the lock screen open.

Adaware can't prevent it from happening. Best choice is to change keyboards.

I like to use Google gboard or Swiftkey, depending on my work needs.
#6 david nist, Aug 12, 2017
Anything by Go Dev team, or Cheetah Mobile is likely to be displaying ads so if you have anything by either of those Devs, uninstall.
#7 El Presidente, Aug 12, 2017