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Ahhhh DEAD Pixel! (Black Pixel)

So when I bought the Evo, the first unit had a crack on the bottom of the LCD, then I got a replacement that same day and it had a dead pixel. Sprint said they couldn't exchange three in one day, so they said they will call me when my replacement unit comes in, but I want to know if there is anyway to fix this one dead pixel?

This is a dead pixel, not a stuck one. I can only see it on a white background and its a black dot. Any thoughts?


#1 2jzgze, Jun 8, 2010
I've seen this trick work with computer LCD monitors so it might work with the EVO's.

Turn off the phone. Put pressure on the screen where the dead pixel is and turn the phone back on keeping pressure on the screen.

I've seen this fix dead and stuck pixels but I've also seen it cause more dead pixels. If you're getting a new phone regardless it might be worth the try...
#2 Mabster, Jun 8, 2010
i don't think that'll work because the screen is made of glass?

how do we check for dead pixels?
#3 tracerit, Jun 8, 2010
JScreenFix can fix discolored pixels and search for a dead pixel checker in the Android market. It's basically just colors that change on touch so you can find the dead pixels yourself. I would exchange it though( especially cause of the black-dead- pixel).
#4 somnambulus, Jun 8, 2010
I don't think it will work either but it might be worth a try. Probably have to press REAL hard and that might cause other probs.
#5 Mabster, Jun 8, 2010
I have a DVD that is supposed to wake up dead pixels. I was wondering if I ripped the DVD if it would work on the Evo for people with the dead pixel problem???
#6 bunnymud, Jun 8, 2010
Google "pixel fixer" there is a download that flashes colors that supposed to wake them up.
#7 BetterMost, Jun 8, 2010
These dvd's and screen fixer programs are for STUCK pixels, not dead ones. If a pixel is dead there is no fixing it. At your last resort, you can try the "screen massaging" method, but since your phone's still in warranty, i would just take it back. You will have to wait to get a new one, as they are in short supply right now.
#8 sitlet, Jun 8, 2010
Yeah, you can only fix a DEAD pixel unless you can change the HW itself (applying pressure sounds intriguing but who knows).

A dead pixel is BLACK. A stuck pixel is WHITE or could be stuck on some other color but not usually. If you really want more info, go to pspforums - there's a TON of threads about this (was a MAJOR/MASS problem when they first shipped some years ago).
#9 IPvFletch, Jun 8, 2010
Yea, thanks for the suggestions guys. I tried the pressure method, but I don't know if I was pressing hard enough.

I guess I will wait, but is there really that much of a shortage at the moment? the Sprint rep said he would call me back, but he seems to be ignoring me.
#10 2jzgze, Jun 8, 2010
Is sprint sold out of them? I thought the one near me still had some. Guess it depends on where you live.

What is sprints, or htc's warranty policy for dead or stuck pixels? Usually its a certain amount.
#11 avengence, Jun 8, 2010
To me, just one bad pixel means the screen is defective, and if they dont fix it, i would throw a fit.
#12 sitlet, Jun 8, 2010
I have 1 dead pixel too, but I can't decide if it bothers me enough to go through exchanging it and having to redo all my settings and customizations.
#13 senormatt, Jun 8, 2010
Same here. It's an itty bitty speck. I can barely even tell its there. I also can't tell if its dead or stuck. (I assume its dead since it's not visible with a dark screen.)
#14 m4bandit, Jun 8, 2010