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Android 10 times faster: droidBooster

FlexyCore asks help from the android community to validate the results on existing android mobile phones by downloading a free benchmark application from the Android Market (DroidBooster in Application / Demo category).

When exiting the application, the results can be send to us and then added to our charts at http://www.flexycore.com/en/products/droidbooster.html

Thanks for your help!



#1 Flexo, Feb 18, 2010
is there anyway I can get the apk file?
#2 mahnameisjerik0, Feb 18, 2010
I don't understand - how does it work?

Is it an app that needs to run and while running will speed up the system somehow?

Or is it a background process that fundamentally changes the OS's operating processes for more efficiency?

Is it anything like this?
#3 spottyelephant, Feb 18, 2010
This is a benchmark application for our technology.
It shows a comparison between 2 versions of the same Java code, one of which benefited of droidBooster. It will have no impact on your system.

DroidBooster is based on Java compilation to native code whereas Myriad addresses the JVM. These two approaches are different and are not to be opposed to each other but can rather be combined to improve the Android end user experience! :)

#4 Flexo, Feb 18, 2010
Ah ok, I was just a bit suspect that you'd literally written the app to deliberatly run slower on the bottom half.

Good work so!
#5 spottyelephant, Feb 19, 2010
Cheers! :)
#6 Flexo, Feb 19, 2010
All I can say is WOWWW
#7 Keybeeetsss, Feb 19, 2010
When will the full app be available (the page says it's ready for sale)?

Will it be available and will it be on the Android Market?

What will the price be to purchase the app?
#8 onefix, Feb 22, 2010
Currently this techno is only available for device manufacturers and operators.
#9 Flexo, Feb 24, 2010
I see that you do not have any Samsung Moment feedback yet. I would like to help but I do not see where the option to download is located.:thinking:
#10 CriticalCritic, Feb 26, 2010
Are you talking about our website? Because this app is only available via the Android Market (Application / Demo).
Looking forward to your score :)

#11 Flexo, Feb 26, 2010
Oh, I must have missed that. Got it.
#12 CriticalCritic, Feb 26, 2010

So... I did as you requested... When is the application going to be in the market?
#13 godsdragon, May 16, 2010
Bumping this thread since today's announcement of Google's acquisition. Maybe this technology is already in JellyBean? Or hopefully new feature part of KitKat.
#14 Whyzor, Oct 22, 2013