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Support Android MXQ TV Box won't work with my Vizio 4K TV

I recently purchased a new Vizio 50 In. 2160P Full-Array 4K Ultra Hd Led 120Hz Smart Tv.
I hooked up my Android MXQ TV Box to my new TV and it booted OK and then for a few seconds showed the home screen and then the TV screen went black and said, "No Signal".
I unplugged the box for a minute and plugged the power back in. I've changed the HDMI plug from the TV. This Android TV Box won't play on this TV.
I hooked the Android TV Box up to my other two Vizio HD 1080P TVs and it works great.

Is there a setting in the Android TV Box, I need to change to get it to work with my 4K TV?
If so, please tell me the steps to accomplish it.




#1 Android MXQ TV Box, Jan 27, 2016
This is my question: laure I need an answer as soon as possible. Thanks!
#2 laure, Jan 28, 2016
This one of those boxes that runs Kodi? Sounds like a compatibility issue, or other problem with it, that it works with the 1080p TVs but not the 4k one. There usually is no user settings on these things, HDMI automatically sets the resolution to suit the TV. Might be best to check with the manufacturer or vendor about it, see if they can suggest anything, like possibly a firmware update.
#3 mikedt, Jan 28, 2016 Last edited: Jan 28, 2016

Yes Mike, this box runs Kodi and XBMC. It seems weird that the 4K TV did fine while the TV box booted and the home screen appeared for a few seconds and then gone. I was really hoping that someone would know exactly what's going on and would tell me what settings to change and to what. This box is pretty much programmable, as it is a small computer and it has USB ports and a microSD slot. I'm just not that familiar with the box and I don't have any idea what setting I would need to change and what change it needs.
If anyone knows of a phone number I can call to get tech support on this Android MXQ TV Box, I would appreciate it.
Thank you for your input,
#4 laure, Jan 28, 2016 Last edited: Jan 28, 2016
Yeh, these things are little computers, but on the other hand they're designed to be easy to use consumer media devices, like Blu-ray players or PVRs. HDMI should plug in and work. Given what these things are, cheap devices from China, my guess is they never tested it properly at 4k, either during design or production. Someone else posted a few months ago about a similar Kodi/XBMC box only working at 480i SD and not 1080p with their 1080p TV, which was definitely not right. The USB and SD, are usually intended for storing media, for movies, pictures, etc.

Think your best bet would be to contact the seller about, like exchanging it, or possibly they might have a bug-fix firmware update.
#5 mikedt, Jan 28, 2016
#6 laure, Jan 30, 2016
did you ever find a solution to this problem. im having the same issues with the mxq box. thanks in advance
#7 crossfire14, Feb 17, 2016
crossfire14, Yeah, I had to figure it out myself and I'll be happy to tell you.
On my Vizio 4K TV, I went to the Menu and went to Picture > Picture Mode and selected "computer".
I turned on my MXQ box and it worked.

I hope this helps in your situation. :^)
#8 laure, Feb 17, 2016
Just setting the Picture Mode to Computer did not work for me. Why it works for others is a mystery its only the color and contrast settings on the system. It tweaks it to make using a computer easier to read on the screen. Works good for that. The way to fix the MXQ ( OTT ) Android TV Box is to use a monitor or your old tv that worked before and go to settings, select display then turn off HDMI Auto Detection. My box defaulted to 1080p-60hz (in in the USA) that worked for me. Also for me at least, changing the CEC Setting to off on the Vizio 4K TV was also a waste of time as others claim to fix the issue. I also tried 1080i-60hz and it worked well too. 720p-60hz should also be safe.
I hope this helps others with this issue.
#9 BadDog98, Feb 20, 2016
thanks this worked for me
#10 ultralite63, Mar 30, 2016
I too have a Vizio 4k 70 inch. And i hooked up my MXQ box and it will work while its loading then my screen goes black? I have did what you said about computer picture mode and that did not work. Has nyone figured out this issue? It works on all our other tvs but not in our front room?
#11 SORIA530, Jun 26, 2016
Go back up and read the BadDog98 post. He's got a few suggestions he said works.

If any of them work for you, please post your results.
#12 laure, Jun 26, 2016
I have the same problem with my vizio 4k tv and i tried to turn off hdmi auto detect on mbox but it can't be turned off .
#13 Elfa911, Mar 10, 2018
Hook up the MXQ PRO to a working TV and go to settings and lower the red. To 720 k then hook it up to the new TV and if it works then slowly play with the settings of the max and the TV until you find the right settings. Not all TVS and HDMI ports are compatible with each other.
#14 larryhyman, Mar 14, 2018