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Android Oreo

.. anyone installed this yet?

I doubt many people have had the OTA update but I believe that you can get the kosher release if you sign up on the beta site now.

Any idea how it runs on the 5X? Does it improve anything? Screw anything up?


#1 SiempreTuna, Aug 24, 2017
Some guys from Reddit says is ok Android O but other no. Almost everyone is referring to battery life....other have get with bootloops. So, that means experience is different.
#2 rusumen, Aug 25, 2017
I read that there are Bluetooth problems again.
#3 lion7718, Aug 27, 2017
Maybe that because in Oreo is upgraded to Bluetooth aptX !?
#4 rusumen, Aug 28, 2017
.. I was kinda hoping there would be some good news o_O

Hopefully, some of the glitches will be fixed before the OTA update arrives - I was hoping that the extended throttling might actually help with battery ..

Ah well ..
#5 SiempreTuna, Aug 28, 2017
OTA arrived yesterday 13th September about 22:50 UK. I think it was 987.4Mb. Installed without issue, seems OK but I've been mainly asleep since (now 08:52)..

Build number OPR4.170623.006
Security patch 5 September 2017.

Settings somewhat different.
#6 theartfullodger, Sep 14, 2017
Go my update the day before yesterday (12/09). Kinda hard to see any differences - as you say, the settings are slightly re-arranged; some backgrounds are white instead of grey and the clock on the lock screen is smaller and has notification icons. Oh and some notifications appear in a different font. But only so long as there's one.

Otherwise really struggling to see any difference ..

Haven't noticed any real change in battery life.

I read that there's supposed to be picture-in-picture for things like YouTube but I couldn't get it to work

Kinda disappointing. Thought there might be something more interesting :(

On the upside, doesn't seem to have broken anything .. or at least, nothing I've found so far.
#7 SiempreTuna, Sep 14, 2017