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Android phone and bluetooth car reverse/ back-up camera?

Anyone know if you can use an Android phone as a monitor for a car reversing/ backing-up camera? Either wired or wireless.
I've been looking at some cheap chinese ones on ebay that have a bluetooth function. Anyone know of an app that would work with them?
I had a search and only found old useless info.


#1 patrol, Sep 22, 2011
So all this hassle is fine but you cant be bothered to look behind you?
#2 MyNamesTooLong, Sep 22, 2011
I'm not planning on using it for reversing. I was thinking of putting it under the front of the vehicle facing rearward. It would be to watch for rocks under the vehicle to prevent damage when going 4-wheel driving (proper hardcore driving, think rock crawling. Not beaches or dirt roads or other whimpy crap)
#3 patrol, Sep 23, 2011
I'm also looking for a camera and App that will connect to my HTC Sensation.

I am about to commence towing a horse float. Due to the physical size of it I was looking at connecting two reversing cameras. One inside the float to keep a check on the horses as it can be quite stressful on them at times and the other on the rear of the float to be used as a rear view/reversing camera.

I was going to fit a dual camera system and then thought about it a bit more.

I have in this little electronic box a full blown computer with a lot of processing power, My Sensation is 150% more powerful than my first desktop I bought in 2000 and it was no slouch. A good size screen as well, so why double up.

The majority of people I think miss the real point of the "Smart Phone". The phone is only one part, and a smaller one at that, of what the device actually is and capable of. They are portable computers.

Any thoughts, programming gurus and other sensible directions would be much appreciated and possibly worthwhile.


Life was so much simpler in the '60's
#4 Cogs, Oct 26, 2011
I found this soft AIRi
#5 cor2907, Aug 5, 2012
Did you figure out a way to make this work? I picked up an el-cheapo camera for $26 off Amazon and it has RCA outputs as well as it is wireless, though I don't know what it uses for the wireless part but my phone couldn't detect it over the bluetooth or wifi connections. My thought was to get a bluetooth transmitter that I could plug the RCA cable into (or get an adaptor from RCA to 3.5mm) and then pair it with the phone. Looks like this app may actually work for the software. Just need to figure out the hardware.

Not everyone drives a honda civic like you. I have a full size truck and have a canopy on it at the moment. The camera would be great for backing into parking spaces. It's not about not being "bothered to look behind you" but about flat not being able to see well behind the vehicle. Not to mention it'd work great for backing up to hook on to a trailer, of which I'm sure you again have no clue about.
#6 gts, Dec 20, 2012

Actually i am trying to find that kind of application, which all of you talking about.

Normally i am using my big screen android telephone for navigation as well, but nowadays, due to false parking of other people (noobs) i can not get out my car between 2 cars without 2nd person help.

So a bluetooth enable rear view camera kit and live video streaming soft. app. for android is a easy solution. The thing is there is not a such a complete kit like that, need modification on hardware and software stuff. S

If anyone can help about this little project it will be very good for all of us.
#7 hekza33, Mar 2, 2013
Use 2 i phones or an i pad and i phone, down load a baby monitor app - from zero to
#8 stirl999, Jul 27, 2014