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annoying (Google) Account Action Required

I posted this on the Galaxy Tab 2 forum and got no replies. Hoping someone here might have thoughts:

Every day for the last few weeks I get a notification on my tablet that has the blue Google "G" and says "Account Action Required". When I tap on it it shows my POP email address and asks for my password.

I have not been entering it since K9, my email app, is doing just fine receiving my gmail and pop email.

Can someone tell me why this annoying and probably unnecessary notification is happening. More importantly - how can I rid myself of it?



#1 dr4sight, Jul 11, 2013
Maybe try logging into the gmail app to keep it happy then disable notifications for it
#2 funkylogik, Jul 11, 2013
Or go to Accounts settings, tap Google, tap your gmail addy, uncheck Gmail :thumbup:
#3 funkylogik, Jul 11, 2013
I think, first you'd find out which app pops this notification (it's really Gmail ? )

Jelly Bean introduced the feature to indentify the app which has pushed a notification.

Do long press on the advertising's notification, that should pop up an "App Info" button you can press which will tell you which app has created that notification.

#4 Harry2, Jul 11, 2013
I disabled notifications in Gmail many months ago.
Checked to make sure that that box is still unchecked.
Good idea, thanks, but not the answer.
#5 dr4sight, Jul 12, 2013
I am going to try this.
The notification asks for my pop email password which makes me doubt that Gmail is the culprit. But we'll see.
Thanks for the idea.
#6 dr4sight, Jul 12, 2013
The only time I've ever seen that popup on my phone is when Google is having issues with syncing.

However, I agree that it's a wise decision to further investigate where exactly its coming from. Most people would blindly type in their password, so I think you're doing it the right way.
#7 Petrah, Jul 13, 2013
At this point - and yes that stupid "account action required" noticed continues to show up every single day - I am certain that the source is GOOGLE SEARCH.
It asks for the password for my pop email account. I have tried to enter my password for it and also my google password and it rejects both.
And since my tablet is not rooted I can not just uninstall the GOOGLE SEARCH app.

I suppose I could replace it with the "factory version." Does anyone think that this could solve my issue or could I be messing something up by doing so?
#8 dr4sight, Jul 19, 2013
You can't uninstall it, but can you not disable it? I have that option (JB 4.2) even though uninstall isn't listed.

When you say replace with the factory version, do you mean "uninstall updates"? I'd have thought that would be ok (you could alway reinstall updates if not).
#9 Hadron, Jul 19, 2013
That "account action required" reminds me of my setting of Google's two step verfication for my account password. For some apps was an additionally password nescessary.
By any chance, do you use such a two step verfication too?

#10 Harry2, Jul 19, 2013
No. I checked this and the status of 2-step verification is off.
#11 dr4sight, Sep 6, 2013
If you visit the Google settings from a PC, is your phone listed here when you double click on Android? https://www.google.com/settings/dashboard
#12 Petrah, Sep 6, 2013
Yes. It is listed.
It lists my HTC One V phone, my former phone which was the Optimus V, and the tablet that I use which is the Samsung Tab 2 7". It is only on the tablet that I receive the Account Verification notification multiple times each day.
#13 dr4sight, Sep 6, 2013
After re-reading the thread I would like to ask a few questions :)

That notification, does it appear in your notification bar or does it pop up in the middle of your screen?
Why are you certain that Google Search created the notification?
Did you disable the Google Search app as Hadron suggested?

#14 Harry2, Sep 6, 2013
I think I may have finally solved this frustration.
What the notification (and it was in the notification bar, not a pop up) wanted was for me to sign into my Google Account. I had always assumed that that was the same as my Gmail account (silly me).
Since I didn't know that these were different things I did not have a password that qualified.
My tablet just had the upgrade to 4.2.2 and whether it's a coincidence or not I now seemed to have the option of resetting my Google Accounts password. I did that two days ago and have not had the notification since.
With fingers crossed I believe problem is solved.

Thanks to all for the thoughts on the thread.
#15 dr4sight, Sep 8, 2013
Thanks for the feedback :)

#16 Harry2, Sep 9, 2013
I just figured this out. Go to settings, email, then gmail. Your settings might bring you directly to gmail but not on my Fiance's phone. Click on the email that the phone wants you to authenticate. Then on the syncing screen click the Menu button (bottom right for me) and an option will come up to remove the unwanted email address. I hope this is clear enough. It took me a couple tries to figure it out. Good luck.
#17 Timothy Sweeney, Jul 5, 2015
I have never had that phone so I do not know if it has a touch screen I have a Samsung galaxy s6 , I recently encountered the same problem I touched on the notification on the locked home screen held down it came up with Googleplay services i touch the little I icon it came up with controls there you can switch of the notification off and of the locked screen
#18 Matthew jones, Mar 4, 2016
I recently figured out a way to solve this problem. When you press and hold down the notification, it read 'Google Play services.' Once we do that, you go into your phone settings, go to 'Application Manager,' go to 'All,' and scroll down to 'Google Play services.' Once your there, click on it, then click 'Disable.' Note: This will remove all of your google accounts on your device, and you may have to resign in again. Once you do that, turn on the app, go to the play store, and update it. Then, you can resign in on your google accounts, and that annoying notification will be gone.
#19 Linda M, May 26, 2016
Quick and easiest way.

Press down and hold the notification.
When it turned to "Google Play services", click "i" on the right.
Now you can delete the notification from Google play services.
#20 SuperL, Jun 4, 2016
#21 Hollimiss, Jun 25, 2016
I have an S7 edge and I had an gmail account disabled for a previous employer. It kept giving me daily notifications that an action was required. When I clicked on the link it just took me to the login screen which I could no longer access. I finally went to settings (manage accounts) in gmail, clicked on "Google", then it showed me the accounts I had available with gmail. I selected the account, clicked on "more" (at the top right corner), and last clicked on "remove account". Done!
#22 Hollimiss, Jun 25, 2016

#23 Angellynn79, Nov 16, 2016
Account Action Required: This annoying msg showed up on my Galaxy S 5 AFTER i canceled Goggle G suite acct. After finally reaching a google tech this was the remedy. Pull down an main screen and expose little sprocket. click on that. scroll down to accounts, then click accounts. next click on Goggle logo. That should show all the google account you have. If you cancelled one, your phone will keep trying to sync with the deleted account. If its here it will show up highlighted in little red circular arrows. click on the deleted account in question. after that, click on the 3 little dots top right of screen. you will get an option to "cancel sync" or "remove account". click on "remove account". You'll get a warning that all emails etc associated with that account will be lost. so what! Click "remove account" and the annoying message should disappear. reboot the phone. Hope this helps those that have suffered with this same issue. Good luck.
#24 Jlou, May 26, 2017 Last edited: May 26, 2017
I get that, too, on an Acer tab. It is wifi only, and I turned off or disabled most of Google before I even added wifi.

So far, I've ignored it. I think Gmail is disabled. Google is not happy that I won't let it scan Aquamail and I have NO contacts.

I only watch MLB and play solitaire on the tablet. Nothing is allowed to upgrade automatically.

I have another older Acer that does do my astronomy programs. I turn that on when the Vulcan wants it. That is too old for many updates. It is also wifi only.

The tablet has no data connection to a cell co. It is wifi only, but Acer left most of the phone info there, unusable since there is no way to add a SIM card.
#25 zuben el genub, May 27, 2017