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Any new phones coming, that we know of?

I havent seen a new phone hit VM in quite some time. What I mean by "new" is not a random Android like the Desire or Volt, but the Note, S6, G3/G4, etc.


#1 FatalIll, Mar 11, 2015
Haven't seen any news either. The Galaxy S6 will be released in one month so hopefully we'll hear if Virgin Mobile will carry it soon.

The LG G4 doesn't have a release date yet so it might be awhile before anything is known.
#2 kate, Mar 11, 2015
Boost is already advertsing the S6 as "coming soon." It seems that if VM intended to offer it, they'd be doing the same. No S6, no iPhones, and the only releases in the last six months for VM have been low to mid-level phones at best. It's really beginning to look like they're going for the most budget conscious consumers, and leaving behind those who are willing to pay upfront for a high-end device in order to have inexpensive monthly service.
#3 aml1025, Mar 11, 2015
Looked on VM site today. While I'm not a fan of Apple, I noticed they are gone. Also, I noticed they have a smaller number of Android phones than they had before. They use to have an HTC that had a 5 inch screen and I don't see that on there anymore either.

What's up - they going out of business?

When I am ready for a new phone, I may have to switch to Boost. They have the LG G Stylo and it has a 5.7 inch screen.
#4 Murf1, May 18, 2015
I see no reason to have virgin instead of boost currently. I was a virgin customer for 10+ years, but with what boost has been doing lately, and virgin's lack of much of anything, i made the switch and am quite happy about it. Can't beat going from 300 minutes to unlimited, and from 2.5gb of data to 5gb for only $10 more.
#5 np6s4x, May 19, 2015
Virgin mobile owns boost mobile. They have for the last year or so. Or they merged together something to do with sprint. Anyway exact same service just different strategies.
#6 jamstewonline, May 19, 2015 Last edited: May 19, 2015
Virgin and Boost are both owned by Sprint. I believe Boost always has been, while VM used to be independent and was purchased by Sprint several years ago. That's why many of us are wondering if Sprint has found itself with too many in-house prepaid brands and is slowly working to get rid of Virgin Mobile.
#7 aml1025, May 19, 2015
It's actually the reverse, Sprint co-founded Virgin Mobile USA in 2002 then bought out the other owners in 2009, so Sprint has always owned VM.

Sprint bought Boost in 2006.
#8 kate, May 19, 2015
As of today, their website has 5 available android phones.

Seems odd, anyone heard anything as to why that would be? No new phones and only 5 older models actually available on the site?
#9 mgr52, Jul 1, 2015
It's even more striking when you look at the Boost site, where two more new phones were just added to the lineup.

Nothing has been stated officially, but new phones HAVE been added to the Wal-Mart plan lineup while the "regular" Virgin Mobile customers have seen phone selection dwindle. It seems evident that Sprint either intends to kill off the standard VM line altogether, or at least reduce stock as much as possible before making some kind of major change.
#10 aml1025, Jul 1, 2015
That is the impression I have been getting. That is unfortunate and I think it might be time for me to make the switch to Cricket.
#11 mgr52, Jul 1, 2015

Take a look at this. It may help explain a few things about Virgin Mobile USA. Personally, I'm also taking a look at switching to Cricket. It may cost me $10 more a month, but I'll also get unlimited minutes as opposed to 300, twice the data, and 10 times better coverage. Not to mention, I can use any phone I like.
#12 riggerman0421, Jul 1, 2015
If Sprint is going to kill off Virgin Mobile I hope they let people take their phones to other Sprint MVNOs.

It doesn't make sense to force everyone to buy a new phone if they go to Boost or Ting when they all work on the same network. Plus not keeping their phone will certainly push many towards another network instead of staying with a carrier using Sprint.
#13 kate, Jul 1, 2015
I've noticed in the last couple months that there have been less and less phones on VM USA's site. It really does look like Spring is going to drop the brand
#14 jerrspud, Jul 8, 2015
So what would happen to all the existing VM customers (like me)?
#15 AnciusD, Jul 8, 2015
I'd guess VM customers would be transferred to Boost or Sprint Prepaid if they ever get rid of VM.
#16 kate, Jul 8, 2015
Best guess is that there will be more "incentives" to switch to one of Sprint's other services, and possibly eventually a forced transfer to Boost or Sprint Prepaid.

Some customers have already been receiving texts offering an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 with special incentives through Sprint postpaid service, but the fact that the iPhone 6 is suddenly available on the VMUSA website (if temporarily out of stock) makes me think that few people have taken the bait to jump to postpaid.
#17 aml1025, Jul 8, 2015
A quick look at Sprint Prepaid and it looks like I lose 1GB of data. Maybe this will be an incentive for me to switch to Harbor Mobile.

Update: I lose 1.5GB, Sprint Prepaid and Boost allow 1GB vs VM's 2.5GB.
#18 AnciusD, Jul 8, 2015 Last edited: Jul 9, 2015
HTC phones coming back to Virgin Mobile USA? I'll believe it when I see it!

HTC brings a new range of Desire phones to the U.S. http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-brings-new-range-desire-phones-us
#19 rothe, Jul 15, 2015
They didn't for me.

And it made perfect sense for them - I had the choice to switch to Sprint through them and get a discount on my new phone or wait until they kicked me off of the network.

I waited - and was still treated to the phone discount. That's how I got into Android and my Samsung Moment - even though my old phone worked and I was happy with it, too bad.

I was an acquired Helio account for VM, and I got to use my Helio with VM for a while - the idea of moving MVNO customers around and forcing them to rebuy phones - not new.

I believe the answer was, "I agree that your old phone will work on our network, but we didn't sell it, we can't guarantee service for anything we didn't sell, and we didn't represent that would work on our network when you bought it, the other company did. How about we make it easy for you to get a new phone that we'll guarantee?"
#20 EarlyMon, Jul 15, 2015
Giving a special discount on phones to acquired customers is a good compromise, assuming the offer is fair. :thumbsupdroid:

Helio actually just started up again a few weeks ago:
#21 kate, Jul 15, 2015
In name only - looks like a Freedompop clone.

If you can't use an Ocean, it's not Helio - it's not a phone, it's a Helio.


Helios was awarded US Patents for user interface design directed by Matias Duarte - what he did before Android.
#22 EarlyMon, Jul 15, 2015
Yeah because if I remember right Nextel owned boost as their prepaid brand until sprint bought Nextel along with boost.
#23 greenghost2212, Sep 30, 2015
HTC Desire 626s and Moto G3 now at Best Buy.
#24 AnciusD, Oct 7, 2015
Think twice about that 626s.... I bought the t mobile version about 2 mos ago because it seemed great for the money... And while it is true there arent many better choices at its pricepoint ($130 best buy again t mobile tho) there are a lot of shortcomings coming from a VM galaxy s3.
Only 8 gb storage. One big app like real racing 3 and its full.
Poor sound quality. Low volume, looks like it has 2 speakers like htc boomsound but one is fake!
You can barely use the phone in speaker or earpiece mode.
Voice to text performance in the messaging app is just abyssmal. Ive given up on it entirely, when with my VM GS3 it was my main tool and since some of us are gonna text while driving if we can do it speaking (but not typing) this is a dangerous dealbreaker.
Annoying UI, particularly the notifications feature which goes off every 30 seconds and cant be adjusted.
Says it has a magnetic sensor but it may not. Compass apps dont work for many of us.
Others report poor battery life and poor camera performance.
This phone is not a complete dog but dont fool yourself that its competetive with mid level smartphones. Its a budget performer that fools you with its large screen and slim profile. If I knew then what I do now after owning it I would have saved up another $70 or more and got a better phone.
#25 batvette, Oct 21, 2015