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Support any way to temporarily disable text messages?

You could go into Message then Menu then Settings then uncheck Auto-Retrieve. But you would have to go back in and recheck that maybe. Or you could try changing the priority to low to see if that does what you want.
#2 sikclown, Aug 4, 2010
Oh, nice thanks.

Basically what's happening is I want to download this larger file, and every time it gets close to finishing I get a text message that interrupts the download and I have to start over.

Do you know if unchecking auto-retrieve, and then rechecking it later, will I still get the messages that from while I was unchecked?
#3 berardi1111, Aug 4, 2010
Yes you will still get the messages later. I actually have done that before now that I think about it, when I needed to download something large but texts kept coming in and I didn't have WiFi available. That gets frustrating.
#4 sikclown, Aug 4, 2010
sweet that's great news. thanks so much!

yeah it's really annoying or if I'm playing Xbox live and I get a text and it lags the whole game lol
#5 berardi1111, Aug 4, 2010
OK so I tried it last night and no luck. Still received text messages while auto retreive was unchecked. I am running CM 6... not sure if that matters. Any other way to try it?

#6 berardi1111, Aug 5, 2010
I believe you cant JUST turn off messages, those are automatically delivered to the phone no matter what phone you have. The only way to do it is to turn to phone to airplane mode. When you do this, you wont be able to use the phone, text, or 3g, so you will have to download the file via wifi.
#7 sitlet, Aug 5, 2010
Man that stinks =/

Yeah, if I go to airplane mode, no 3g, if I had wifi I wouldn't have to worry about the text messages interrupting anyways though

Aren't there apps that squelch texts from certain numbers? Would any of these accomplish my goal?
#8 berardi1111, Aug 5, 2010
Are these automated texts, like system alerts? Or can you just send a friendly, "Hey chick... don't text me for the next hour" message and deal with it that way?
#9 Joppie, Aug 5, 2010
hahaha...yeah what am I? Mr. popular? lol jk well some are from mom, some from gf, and some from twitter. I suppose I could just text twitter STOP each time, just was hoping for an easier route, by which I could still receive the ones I missed, but after.
#10 berardi1111, Aug 5, 2010
Why would you still keep Twitter's SMS enabled when there's like, 10 very good Twitter apps on Android?
#11 Vincent Law, Aug 5, 2010
I believe that auto-retrieve feature is for MMS.
#12 freeza, Aug 5, 2010
I'd rather not pull data all the time and drain the battery more than I have to. With text you get the message when it's sent instantly and it doesn't waste battery if there aren't any messages
#13 berardi1111, Aug 6, 2010
you're right, looking closer it's in the MMS settings section
#14 berardi1111, Aug 6, 2010
You can easily turn off notifications from twitter for a while. (I hate twitter but only use it when I want).
#15 Jamsband, Sep 26, 2014