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Root Any way to unlock this phone from Virgin Mobile (used less than 12 months)

I've only used this phone for about 6 months with Virgin Mobile, but recently decided to get RingPlus. I temporarily put my RingPlus on a different phone while I let my Virgin Mobile service run out on my LG Volt. Now I want to transfer my RingPlus service over to my LG Volt, but RingPlus says that it is still carrier locked. After contacting Virgin Mobile they said they couldn't (or wouldn't) unlock my phone because I had used it less than 12 months with them. Is there any way to unlock this phone manually? I've searched google, but can't seem to find anything. There are mentions of paying a service to unlock the phone for me, but the few that I found didn't list Virgin Mobile as a carrier to switch from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


#1 SvEnjoyPro, Jan 9, 2016
this is a tough one. you probably can unlock it. but it is beyond my abilities. virgin mobile is a bunch of asshats even after a year,must less before that time period.
#2 Curtis1973, Jan 9, 2016
Pretty sure unlocking the phone requires unlocking the bootloader, which we haven't been able to do because of secure boot.
#3 bg4m3r, Jan 10, 2016
You shouldnt have to unlock the phone, Virgin just has the phone reported under contract currently in their system. I would keep trying the ESN/MEID checks periodically with RingPlus and also with Ting (some people say checking Ting helps refresh the database or something and allows the RingPlus ESN check to go through ok but its just a rumor) https://ting.com/byod
#4 redspeed, Jan 14, 2016
I just tried with ting and it said that Sprint claims there is an unpaid balance with this phone. I don't think that's the case, I was in good standing when I cancelled my account with Virgin Mobile. I guess I'll give it more time and try again. Thanks for your input.
#5 SvEnjoyPro, Jan 15, 2016
VM will unlock it after you've used the phone for 12 months, supposedly the unpaid balance refers to them making money back over that 12 months after selling their phones for a discount/less then full retail.

Unfortunately you'd still need to have service with for Volt for one year before they unlock it. Until then I don't think Ring Plus or Ting can activate it.

Virgin Mobile unlocking policy:

Virgin Mobile will unlock a device (i.e., provide the MSL Code and/or perform a domestic SIM unlock (DSU)) under the following circumstances:
1. The device has not been reported as lost or stolen or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked
2. The device has been active on the associated account for at least 12 months with the account active at that time

If you believe you meet the above requirements and would like to request that your DSU-capable device be unlocked and/or request the MSL Code, contact Virgin Mobile Customer Care by dialing 1-888-322-1122.
#6 kate, Jan 17, 2016