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General Anyone using there G3 on metro pcs byod?

I get 45 mbps dl and 25 mbps upload. Full bars 4g lte.
#2 santia213, Nov 1, 2014
I am using my LG G3 on Metro PCS $40. month plan. Speeds are fine (I do not have the numbers) until I hit the ceiling of 500mb (I think). I use wifi mostly so its not a big deal.
#3 brookchef, Nov 30, 2014
What version of the g3 were you using, I'm interested in buying one. Just don't know what one to buy.
#4 phatz, Dec 2, 2014
You'd want the T-MOBILE version for METRO PCS,they're both on the exact same network.

However,there may still be a few areas that are still on the CDMA network (SPRINT),double-check the METRO PCS stores in your area for coverage/compatibility.
#5 KOLIO, Dec 2, 2014
How did you get the G3 on metropcs
#6 Mimi2021, Jul 15, 2015
1st,check here:

Then,if your phone is SIM unlocked,go to MetroPCS & you're good to go.
If your phone is not SIM unlocked,request it from the carrier its tied to.
Generally,if the phone is paid for in-full,you should have no problems getting an unlock code.

If the phone is not paid off,YMMV,depending on the carrier.Some will give a temporary SIM unlock for international travel.

You can also buy a SIM unlock code,GOOGLE is your friend here,lot of places on-line to do so.

If the phone is SIM locked,money is still owed on it & payments are delinquent,eventually the phone will be blacklisted & as a rule of thumb,will not be activated by any carrier.
A good place to check for phone status is SWAPPA:
This way,you're assured that you won't be sold a phone still in arrears,but,has yet to be blacklisted,an old trick used by unscrupulous sellers of stolen/delinquent phones.

Hope this answered any questions you have regarding phones on other carriers.
#7 KOLIO, Jul 15, 2015

An old thread I know but I have a question.
I have a TMobile G3, it is paid off, sim unlocked ect. I purchased a metro PCS sim, the phone sees the sim and is ok with it.
I have service bars but no data, cant make calls or do anything.
Is this just APN settings or is there something else going on I am not aware of?
Thanks for any help
#8 Brandon K, Dec 17, 2015
You might need to tap on the APN to get it going after you tap "SAVE"when 1st setting-up the new APN.
A lot of people omit this step when 1st using an APN other than the one intended for the phone,yours truly being one of them.
#9 KOLIO, Dec 17, 2015