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Tips Anyone waiting on the 10,000 mah extended battery and case from ZeroLemon?

Ballpark estimate:double the thickness of the phone as-is/out of the box.
#52 KOLIO, Nov 13, 2013
A long time ago (I was using a Motorola 7868 at the time, and it was the latest and greatest), I decided to carry a spare battery in my pocket at all times. Once a month, I'd fully charge the one in the phone and swap them. I still have a Motorola V551 (old feature phone) made around 2003 with the original battery in it, and it still lasts a few days between charges.

I still carry a spare battery with my Note 3, using a Hyperion stock (3200 mAh) battery. Maybe it's because I always condition my batteries when I get them (I wouldn't even let them activate the Note 3 with my battery - they used one of theirs, and I conditioned mine when I got the phone home), but this is typical of my battery use. (It's not a day I used the phone a lot, but I was using the Note 3 as my computer almost constantly.)

Again, to each his own, but if I'm going to be carrying an extra 20 pounds around with me, it better be related by blood and really cute.
#53 Rukbat, Nov 14, 2013
7% screen time. Would that even be an 1 or 2 hours on? I use my phone a lot throughout the day and I need a battery that will last me 10-11 hours of screen time. The stock battery gets me around 5-6 which sometimes is fine. and I hate having to carry a spare around and swapping it out. it all comes down to preference.
#54 Veritas4420, Nov 15, 2013
You don't have to "condition" or "train" a lithium ion battery like an old nickel metal hydride battery from 10 years ago. Google lithium ion battery charging and you will see thousands of reviews and articles about myths and legends of charging.
#55 Grimlock1973, Nov 15, 2013
Yeah, this is my first smartphone where I don't feel an immediate need to go buy a spare or extended battery. Getting two full days under moderate to heavy usage is nice! :cool:

But I probably will end up getting an extended'ish battery that fits with the stock cover for occasional high demand (my GN3 sucks battery using GPS and when in poor reception areas) and to counteract normal long term battery diminishing.

Samsung if you're reading... despite the terrific battery life there is zero chance I would've bought this phone with a non-replaceable battery.
#56 BlueBiker, Nov 23, 2013
Hmm. My last dumb phone lasted five days between charges. That was OK.
#57 Simon_Gardner, Nov 24, 2013
Yeah but could you watch cat videos on your dumb phone? I rest my case. :rolleyes:
#58 BlueBiker, Nov 24, 2013
Yeah but it was also a whole lot smaller. I don't think battery and energy consumption technology have come on terribly much. Five days seems reasonable to me and actually, not that impressive.
#59 Simon_Gardner, Nov 24, 2013
I get a good 9-10 usage out my phone and that's heavy usage..are there any batteries out right now that are bigger but still fit in the stock case or do all of them have a bigger back? I don't mind waiting for the zerolemon aslong as the case is good since I just bought a ballistic case..
#60 Joshuah22a, Nov 25, 2013
It's available if anyone is interested
#61 droidobsessed, Nov 27, 2013
As much as I love good battery life and was a little bit dismayed at how fast the Note 3 chews power (although mine probably doesn't chew as much power as any of yours since I turned every bit of rubbish/sync off), I have no use for a spare or extended battery as the Note 3 seems to charge to full in about 10 minutes (exaggerating, but it is fast), which has impressed me.

10000mAh seems like overkill and quite amusing. I hope it works out for you though.
#62 Gearu, Nov 28, 2013
Luckily ordered one before it went out of stock! Can't wait until I get my hands on it and see how long the 10,000 mah will last!
#63 Grimlock1973, Nov 29, 2013
Yeah,I think they may have oversold.I ordered mine soon after the post in this thread alerting of availibility & just got a cancelation.

None too pleased,still waiting on a refund........
#64 KOLIO, Nov 30, 2013
No one has one yet?
#65 dontpanicbobby, Nov 30, 2013
I ordered one right away and it was canceled. Its not showing in my Amazon order history but the charge is still pending.
#66 Veritas4420, Dec 1, 2013
I received an email from Amazon earlier today saying my order of this item has shipped :D


Your Shipment Details

[180 Days Warranty] Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Zeroshock Rugged Case
+ Zerolemon Tri-cell Extended Battery. Shockproof/dustproof Holster Kickstan
Sold by Bastexwireless - Authorized ZeroLemon Retailer
Condition: New

Item Subtotal: $59.99
Shipping and Handling: $0.69

Total Before Tax: $60.68

Shipment Total: $60.68
Paid by Mastercard: $60.68

#67 johnpjackson, Dec 1, 2013
I got the same treatment.I originally just requested a delivery address change if it wasn't already on the way.Then,they twisted my words stating that I had requested cancelation.

As,w/you,no credit/refund.So,I immediately emailed both BASTEX WIRELESS & called AMAZON,as BASTEX was slow to respond.

I explained the situation,AMAZON immediately called BASTEX WIRELESS.Within minutes,I received not one,but,two e-mails from BASTEX apologizing/backtracking/contradicting themselves/etc.....

AMAZON stated to give them 1-2 business days to refund then if nada,they will take up matters & expedite the refund.

ZEROLEMON may be OK/cool w/me,but,BASTEX WIRELESS will see ZEROBUSINESS from yours truly here on out.

If you haven't done so,CALL AMAZON to get things moving.Otherwise,you'll be subjected to unseen levels of ineptness from BASTEX WIRELESS.
#68 KOLIO, Dec 1, 2013
Thanks for the info. I'm going to contact amazon now. BASTEX was sure quick to send me an email saying I can still rate them as sellers even though it was canceled, which I don't understand since I didn't get the product.
#69 Veritas4420, Dec 1, 2013
If you want to get a quick reply from BASTEX, go on Zero Lemons FB page. The owner of the company has been very good about posting updates on shipping info/details. His name is Rami Mubasher.
#70 Veritas4420, Dec 1, 2013
DITTO,woulda rated them well if they hadn't bungled the way they handled this.Overselling/etc..happens,but,I have ZERO tolerance for drama,especially when money is involved.

Just to reiterate,I have ZERO problems/issues w/the people @ ZEROLEMON,just the only official reseller (BASTEX WIRELESS).
I'm not a FB'er,but,feel free to pass along this conversation/experience regarding BASTEX if you wish.
#71 KOLIO, Dec 1, 2013
Finally had the charge to my card removed today,five days after BASTEX canceled my order.
Probably would have taken longer, if not for AMAZON stepping on BASTEX's neck.

I'll keep an eye on this thread,in case another seller carries this battery.
#72 KOLIO, Dec 3, 2013
Honestly it looks like it makes the phone about an inch thicker, jesus that thing looks intense.

I really don't have a need for one, my phone lasts me a day :)
#74 Digital Controller, Dec 6, 2013
I carry a 10000 mAh external battery pack that fits in my pockets when I think I'm going to be away from power supplies for an extended period.
#75 dontpanicbobby, Dec 6, 2013