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General Anyway to disable the "Connect as installer"?

This "connect as installer" is quite a pain in the ass. I hook my phone up to my PC often so I can transfer files, but I hate that it always wants to do this installer. Is there a way to disable it from ever popping up again while still keeping it in MTP mode?

And a related question, is there a way to change the files that are in the "Connected as installer" mode? Like lets say that I want to make it become a bootable usb drive. I haven't seen any files in the filesystem that popped out at me as being a disk image or containing any of the files that are in the "connected as installer" mode.

Thanks everyone.


#1 DeadlyFoez, Jan 29, 2014
ok. I found it. this is the file

Now to see if I can swap it out with a different ISO file without any issues.

I want to try just renaming it first to see if it will skip the installer mode, but I have my doubts.

EDIT: renaming the file or deleting it will cause it to skip the installer mode. Perfect!! I will try swapping it with another ISO next.
#2 DeadlyFoez, Jan 29, 2014
How did you get to the /system folder? When I'm browsing my phone's file contents, I don't see that folder. I'm guessing you need to root the Note 3 for this to become accessible?

Glad I'm not the only one who became pissed off, having to wait constantly (even though it's not a long time, just very annoying) to be able to transfer files to/from my device.
#3 altjx, Feb 5, 2014
it's just the usb driver , you can delete it, if you even should need it back you can get it at LG.
#4 hairyhands, Feb 8, 2014