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[APP][FREE] Learn music notes on your Guitar Fretboard with FretQuiz

I wish to present to you my FretQuiz App


Educational app for guitarists, FretQuiz lets you easily learn music notes on your guitar fretboard and improve your skills through a progressive, playful and instructive method designed for beginners and children age 6 and up

For each note, your learning is multiple :
- Listening to the corresponding sound (ear training),
- Position on the fretboard (visual and physical training),
- Tablature representation (score sight reading).


3 6-strings fingerboards are available :
( You can choose among right-handed or left-handed guitar )
- Classical / Acoustic / Folk Guitar: 20 frets
- Standard Electric Guitar: 22 frets
- Electric SuperStrat type Guitar (hard rock, shred): 24 frets


Why this app ?
According to my guitar teacher, knowing the guitar fretboard notes is the key to learn chords, scales and not to be lost when you run an improvised solo...

For more information, and download, here is the link for the free version on the Play Store :

I thank you in advance for your reviews, your comments or your ideas for improving my app


#1 K0RTX, Sep 9, 2017
Thats a really nice idea for an App .... good luck with it
#2 psionandy, Sep 9, 2017
Thank you :)
#3 K0RTX, Sep 9, 2017
God luck with the app. :)
#4 Unforgiven, Sep 9, 2017
Thank you :)
#5 K0RTX, Sep 9, 2017
Giving it a try now.
#6 James L, Sep 9, 2017
Thank you :)
any comment will help
#7 K0RTX, Sep 10, 2017
Hi, Very nice app. :)

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#8 Don Learsi, Sep 11, 2017