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[App Suggestion]No Bass Booster/Equalizer that works for Nexus ?

Why the heck is it so hard to find a bass booster/ equalizer for the Nexus 6, frustrating as hell


#1 ebdozit, May 17, 2015 Last edited: May 17, 2015
The first link is the app, Equalizer. It is the only equalizer/bass booster that enhances the sound quality for Nexus 6 music (that I can find) . It is 2-3 star quality. IMO
It works but not as well as the apps I had on my other Motorola phones. Most recently Bass Booster worked well on the Moto X (5 star quality).

The other link was to an audio management app for controlling ringer volume etc.
#3 ebdozit, May 17, 2015
The other link was the developers website,take a look around/contact the developer if you have any questions/suggestions/requests.
#4 KOLIO, May 18, 2015