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General Are big bezels a big deal?

I really prefer the size of the Pixel 2, but it's hard to get over the size of the bezels. I like the physical size of the phone, but I wish the display was bigger. How do you feel about the bezels?


#1 Joe, Oct 9, 2017
I don't mind a small bezel, the sides of the Pixel 2 are fine. Top/bottom could be a little smaller though.
#2 kate, Oct 9, 2017
The Pixel XL is pretty annoying to me. Plus I am not used to the white front, which ads to it. Why couldn't they just use the same size bezel as the Pixel 2 XL on the Pixel 2?

I think it plays a pretty big factor in why most are leaning to the Pixel 2 XL rather then Pixel 2, even if they would prefer a smaller form factor.
#3 steve, Oct 9, 2017
Yeah, I actually don't like it when the side bezels are too thin. Makes it harder to hold. But the top and bottom need to be much smaller.
#4 Joe, Oct 9, 2017
If they had used the 2 XL design for both devices I'd probably have pre-ordered before they finished the presentation. And as I keep my phones longer than most here the idea of having an "old" design for several years does give me pause.

But against that I don't find devices with similar bezels intrinsically unattractive, and a proper black colour to the bezel rather than the rather meh grey of the first generation, plus having a speaker on it rather than just a blank space, does improve it. And the handling is good (based on first gen Pixel), and the bezels actually make it a little easier because the navigation buttons are a little higher - reaching my thumb across puts no strain on it, whereas across and down does.

So on balance, although I'd prefer a 2:1 display and smaller bezels, it's still a very practical design, and usability is the most important thing in a phone for me, which is the reason I'm not going to buy a 2XL (much as I like the panda version) because I know the best I can hope for with that size is that I'll find a way to tolerate it, whereas the smaller one will just fit my hands.

I admit I did have to think about that, and even try out a first gen XL and an iPhone 7+ to convince myself that I really couldn't handle the 2 XL, but the contrast between stretching across those vs the "just right" feel of the first gen Pixel was enough to convince me of that.
#5 Hadron, Oct 9, 2017 Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
While I was a big Nexus fan, I can't help but think the Pixel designs are a generation behind the rest of the mobile phone pack.

I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "Man, look at the big bezels on that phone. I gotta get me some of that!" ;)
#6 lunatic59, Oct 9, 2017
I'm actually not a huge fan of smaller bezels I know people think its pretty but I prefer having something to hold my phone but I'm also not someone who prioritize the look of any of my gadgets so maybe I just don't get people who wants to use their phones as a fashion statement.
#7 Jhayzone, Oct 9, 2017
Ah, to hell with it: for the first time in my life I've pre-ordered a phone (black, 128GB, smaller model). Maybe rash, but if it means I can stop thinking about what I'm going to replace my aging phone with then that will be worthwhile in itself ;)

I've kept my current one going for 4.5 years, so the promise of 3 years' updates is attractive to me.
#8 Hadron, Oct 9, 2017

You'll love the Pixel (2) it's really all about the experience.
#9 shalemail, Oct 9, 2017
#10 steve, Oct 9, 2017
I'm so sick of the current obsession with "omg but the bezels" (just like "omg but the thickness" before it). How does an edge-to-edge screen (or paper-thin phone, for that matter) actually improve the experience? From my experience, the only meaningful impact is a phone that's hard to hold because you don't have anywhere to grip without registering touches on the digitizer.

I'll take a functional design with features I want over a design blindly chasing the latest trends any day.

I can't wait for my black 64GB Pixel 2 Shmedium to get here.
#11 codesplice, Oct 10, 2017
I like bezels. I find slabs of glass unattractive and having something to hold onto without touching the screen just makes sense.
#12 dontpanicbobby, Oct 11, 2017
Everyone has their own preference, but bezels are simply not a concern of mine. Fit in hand is most important to me, and I'm very happy they're continuing with a 5" model.
#13 JustinHEMI, Oct 12, 2017
Sadly, regarding the bolded, it seems that most reviews these days are based only on trends.
#14 JustinHEMI, Oct 12, 2017
:-D I don't have to wait, ordered Tuesday and received today (Thursday) (128GB black P II)

As for bezels would prefer smaller top/bottom but obviously not a deal breaker. Having to buy Apple to get tiny bezels = dealbreaker.
#15 pstroke, Oct 19, 2017
I have the Pixel 2. Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S8 the bezels did look pretty big initially, but you soon get used to them and they become a non-issue. The way I look at it is to think of a car. Would you prefer a car which looks really cool but doesn't perform so well, or one that looks a bit dated but works like a dream? The pixel 2 is the latter - the software is just superb as is the camera - and the screen is actually better than the XL. The whole package is so much better than my S8.
#16 scgf, Oct 24, 2017
Some thoughts after having the device for a little while. I came from the LG V30, so at first, the bezels seemed obnoxiously big. I was actually shocked by how much bigger they seemed in person. But the more I use the phone the less I notice the bezels. I still wish the display was bigger, but the phone is definitely growing on me.
#17 Joe, Oct 24, 2017
At some point the fashion police decided bezals were bad, for no ergonomically sound reason. At the end of the day, the large pieces of glass you see people carry are often not compatible with the aspect ratio we watch our content on, so you end up with digital bezals anyway. It's really a non issue, but you can criticize how the space is used. IE, are there front facing speakers, or a headphone jack? For the pixel 2, yes and no for the latter, there should be room as the phone isn't really that thin.
#18 cobbsta57, Jan 1, 2018
I came from the S7 so bezels didn't even affect decision to buy the phone. Would it have been nicer if the 2 XL's thinner bezels were utilized for the 2? For sure, but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. Plus it's nice to hold onto the phone where I know I won't accidentally hit a button. Even the S7 had capacitive buttons on the bezels and I would occasionally hit a button accidentally.
#19 park13, Jan 1, 2018
I believe come next year you're going to start seeing 5' screens with very limited top and bottom bezels. That's just where the market is headed. It'll boil down to if you'd rather have a large screen or a smaller than large screen
#20 M3thodBombz, Jan 1, 2018