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Are My Studio Wireless Beats by Dr. Dre Real?

Hello everyone,

I was recently given a pair of Studio Wireless Beats by Dr. Dre as a gift. After opening them and some careful examination I was unable to distinguish whether they are real or not. So now I am reaching out to you to answer this question. I have been to many websites which state that most knock-offs have many visible differences with packaging and also sound quality. Both seem to be legitimate to me with the pair I was given.

Regardless of whether they are real or not I still plan on using them and am very grateful for receiving them. I would just like to know if they are the real deal.

Attached are some pictures.


#1 Codiforrest, Feb 23, 2015
Visibly it could be very difficult to tell, Dr. Dre doesn't seem to use any anti-counterfeiting measures on products that carry his name, like holograms or verifiable serial numbers.

Even SQ might not show it either. AFAIK they're commodity headphones made by any number of Chinese factories, and you pay an inflated price for the privilege of having "Beats" and the Monster Cable logo stamped on them.

How many "Beats" headphones do you want? :D...minimum order 500 pieces.
....courtesy of Shenzhen LKS Technology Co. Ltd.

It's not like knock-off iPhones or Samsung Galaxys, where it's very easy to determine the real McCoy from the flimflam.
#2 mikedt, Feb 23, 2015 Last edited: Feb 23, 2015
Thanks for the input!
#3 Codiforrest, Feb 23, 2015
Well here's a few tell tales of fake beats.
1: The logo (disc with beats logo on) are usually metal
2: Audio quality if it's poor then it's probably fake
3: how it's built. Is the build quality any good? Does it look like it would be easy to take apart.

From pictures it can be very difficult to tell as @mikedt said

It could still be fake because fakes are getting very convincing now

If you live in Europe then that could be something to familiarise yourself with
#4 WolfieBoy, Mar 3, 2015 Last edited: Mar 3, 2015
it real.....
till someone proves it is not.
#5 dan330, Mar 3, 2015
You can't really tell if those are either real or fake from the pictures. The OP's best bet would be to go to a verified retailer and compare.
#6 Revenant Ghost, Mar 3, 2015
I agree with Ghost .
#7 Bearsyzf, Mar 12, 2015