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Asus K011 - Slow Charge

My ASUS Memo 8 (K011) has a slow charge. I bought a new charger for it today but it's exactly the same. I've tried apps on Google Play Battery saver apps & apps that increase the charge speed (a load of rubbish) is there a way to sort this problem out (not factory reset) so i can stop worrying about my tablet? It's strange my Samsung Galaxy A3 charges no problem at all. BTW i've restarted my Asus to see if that sorts it no such luck i'm afraid. If there's an app that shows me which app is causing my Asus's battery to go bananas.


#1 Christopher Worthy, Sep 13, 2017
If you charge it while it's off does it charge faster? When you say 'slow', how slow do you mean?
#2 andMego, Sep 14, 2017
What charger did you originally use with it, and what is the replacement charger? What current? The Memo 8 has a 6Ah battery in it, so it might take a few hours to charge, and if you only have say a 1A charger, or something cheapo, it just may not be enough to charge it properly. Your Galaxy A3 phone only has a 1.9Ah battery, and the tablet's battery is over 3 times the capacity of it, and so the phone needs much less to charge it.

I would recommend a good quality minimum 2A charger for it.
#3 mikedt, Sep 14, 2017
It's original charger was the ASUS switching power supply
Output is 0.25a
Input is 35a
It's it normally for the battery to deplete whilst it's charging & using it? (hopefully it is) the new charger i bought is a Maplin charger input is 0.35a
Output is 5v
2.1a. I'm guessing i got a good charger? Unfortunately factory reset isn't the option as i don't know our wifi password to put back in so i'd have to wait till the family member returns from work to put it back in plus my tablet would be useless without a internet connection. Tried apps that speed the charging speed (a load of rubbish) in the end i just switch off my tablet as no apps are running (as far as i know) i charged ok i guess.
#4 Christopher Worthy, Sep 14, 2017
Depending on what the tablet is actually doing, yes that is entirely possible, the tablet can be consuming more current than charger can supply, e.g. if it's gaming or other processor and/or graphic intensive tasks.

Chargers sold by Maplin should be aright, no problems. Any apps that claim they can speed up charging are pure BS, or worse like spyware. If the tablet is just idle, or just doing something like basic browsing, the charger should be able to keep ahead and charge the battery, but charging might be faster if it's turned off completely. Tablets usually do have a significantly larger capacity battery than most phones, which can and do take longer to charge than phones. Tablets have bigger screens than phones, which requires a more powerful backlight.
#5 mikedt, Sep 14, 2017
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