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Root [AT&T] Help Removing/Disabling Carrier IQ


I am definitely out of the loop on this because I just got an android phone in February 2014. BUT, I have been really concerned about the whole CIQ thing. I wasn't really aware of it until recently since I never had a smart phone before.

All that to say this: Is it true that as LV wrote, "CIQ has been removed (disabled) for months. There was no need to do that. But at any rate..."

I ask because I used some apps and found CIQ on my phone, or, at least parts of it (that are perhaps disabled?). My phone is not rooted, but I am seriously considering trying that because I don't know of any other way to get rid of CIQ without my phone being rooted. But, it appears that is no longer a concern for me and my LG G2??

I did find an app called ES File Explorer and actually located the libiq_service.so and libiq_client.so in the system, but I didn't try to delete them or anything.

Just hoping for news on what the real situation is with CIQ. I haven't really seen any news articles online stating that CIQ has been disabled, so if there are links to those it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I appreciate it.


#1 keithgatchaman, Jun 22, 2014
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

I can't speak for your specific device as I've never owned it. My post was with regards to the Samsung Galaxy Prevail ( the section this thread is located in:D;):D )

I'm mobile at the moment, but once i get home i can post a link to your devices section. I'm sure they will be able to give you better advice than i can :)
#2 Lordvincent 90, Jun 25, 2014
Here's the link to the general section for your device ( since i don't know which carrier you have:eek: )


You will find the root subsections at the bottom. Select the one for your carrier and go from there :)
#3 Lordvincent 90, Jun 25, 2014
It's an LG G2 from AT and T. Can you please continue to assist me? I'd prefer to stay under your expertise. :) I just want to know if CIQ is disabled on my phone. It appears to be, but I'd feel better knowing for sure and I may decide to root it if it's not. It's hard to find info on this in 2014 for some reason.
#4 keithgatchaman, Jun 27, 2014
I did a bit of searching for you and came across THIS thread that suggests using a simple app to disable the services associated with ciq. Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you :)
#5 Lordvincent 90, Jun 27, 2014
I just reread you post and see you are not rooted

You can use this app to test I'd there are and ciq services running on your phone
Edit - it appears this app only detects the files for ciq, it does not check to see of the service is running. I'll do some more looking around to see what i can find
And if there are, you will need to root your device and use the app from the link in my previous post to disable them :)
#6 Lordvincent 90, Jun 27, 2014
It appears based on the Carrier IQ Detector and the ES File Explorer app that CIQ files are present. I use the Battery Doctor app and under Rank it shows diagandroid.iqd running at 0.90%. The option to close it takes me nowhere. For other apps the "close" option takes me to the Apps page where you can force a shutdown. When I first went to Apps for the diagandroid.iqd it all appeared grayed out. I don't recall if "Force Shutdown" itself was grayed out but it never actually stops in Battery Doctor as I never make it to the Apps control page. It refuses to go there. Having to root my phone will be an adventure in itself. Please keep me posted on what you find and thank you.
#7 keithgatchaman, Jun 27, 2014
It seems there is an app from Kingo to root an LG G2 that is super easy to use and basically flawless in its execution: Kingo Android Root, the most reliable free Android rooting tool

Unfortunately, my Model number LG-D800 does not appear in the list of compatible devices? All Android devices supported by Kingo Android Root

At this point, depending on how you respond to my post titled, "CIQ", maybe we should consider a program such as this? But, I just want something current, not something too old to function on my current device. :D
#8 keithgatchaman, Jun 27, 2014
Im not sure if kingo will work for your device. The newest exploit is called towelroot and can be found HERE at the authors site :)
#9 Lordvincent 90, Jun 27, 2014
My emsisoft anti-malware blocked the towelroot site as malicious? I did get a peek at the site, having altered emsisoft's protections and I doubt I'd understand that well enough to install it. Ha. :-/
#10 keithgatchaman, Jun 27, 2014
Installation is simple. You download the app to your phone, you install it (make sure to go into settings> security and check the box to allow installation of third party apps first)

Once it's installed simply open the app and select 'make it rain' your phone should reboot (or it will notify you that no reboot was required)

Once done, install this app

:) And your should have root

This app
Will verify your success

Once you're done you can use the app i linked above to stop the ciq service from running :)
#11 Lordvincent 90, Jun 27, 2014
Where is the towelroot at that site? When I click on the lambda symbol (the A..sort of) I go here http://towelroot.com/tr.apk but it is a bunch of html gibberish.
#12 keithgatchaman, Jun 27, 2014
That's the link. I just tried it using boat browser from my phone and it downloaded successfully.
#13 Lordvincent 90, Jun 27, 2014
OK, so from my phone I am downloading wqhat looks like a txt document? I also found this process here: [ROOT] Root your G2 [ATT|VZW|TMO|KT|RGS|BELL|TELUS|OPEN] [Yay!] - Post #869 - XDA Click on the buttons to show all the details. Seems like a good guide and it even has a video with steps to take to root my LG D-800.

Ugh. I am having such a hard time finding a way to root. It's either not compatible with my latest update 4.4.2 or something else and I know just enough to know I am not getting anywhere... :(

Maybe it's time for this, "I'm mobile at the moment, but once i get home i can post a link to your devices section. I'm sure they will be able to give you better advice than i can :)" :(
#14 keithgatchaman, Jun 27, 2014
I'll do you one better, I'm going to move our whole conversation over to the g2 section. This way others who own your phone can pipe in and help :)
#15 Lordvincent 90, Jun 27, 2014
Thank you for pushing this thread over here LV. I mhope to find the answers soon. :D
#16 keithgatchaman, Jun 27, 2014
I just went to towelroot, clicked on the lambda, and downloaded the .apk. I didn't run it because I'm already rooted.
#17 bberryhill0, Jun 28, 2014