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Root [AT&T] Root - Custom Recovery - UNBrick - UnRoot and Return to Stock

To start, THIS IS NOT MY WORK, just found it and wanted to post it; so if you kill your phone, it is your fault!

Anyways, A great site for rooting, roms and such with videos can be found here: - Your source for Galaxy Note 2 rooting, custom ROMs, and more!


Root & Install Custom Recovery

To root your phone and install a custom recovery, use the CF-Auto-Root Tool here:

Post in the AT&T Note Section for proof here:

How to Un-Brick your phone

How to unbrick your Note 2 (this works on all models not just the AT&T)
I have verified the info on this link works great on multiple versions, just follow the video carefully and you will be back up and running. Note that the following requires that you can enter downlaod mode; if you cannot get into downlaod mode, I can't help you.

How to Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy Note 2 with Stock Firmware! | Galaxy Note 2 Root!

Unroot, return to stock and remove the flash counter

To Unroot your phone
(Original steps below found here



#1 james27007, Nov 17, 2012
Good find James. :)
#2 Metroid Prime, Nov 17, 2012
Tool Kit released nice!

#3 captbly1, Dec 30, 2012
Just installed wrong rom (Omega, which is for international SGN2)
Now I lost my IMEI and my phone wont connect to mobile network.
Tried to restore my efs file, flashed several stock roms, bust still no luck.
Kies also can't recognize my device :(
#4 cophyor, Jan 3, 2013
You may have a very expensive music player/tablet :(

Have you tried flashing back to stock (see unbrick method above)? and the AT&T Firmware:
#5 james27007, Jan 8, 2013
Hi all. I had just flashed my phone to Jedi X. I love the rom, but it cannot find the SD card. I have been doing some reading, and to my understanding, the Persius Kernel would fix that problem if flashed onto the phone. My concern is, will it screw up my Jedi X install? Where do I put the persius file if my phone or computer will not see my SD card? Can I put it on the main phone memory? How exactly am I supposed to do this whole setup? I have a Galaxt Note 2 with the at&t carrier. I downloaded the "Perseus-aplha 36.3-i317" tar and zip. My model phone is sgh-i317, so I assume I have the right file.
#6 RoswellWitness, Aug 13, 2014
Hi everyone, I flashed the Perseus kernel onto the Jedi X rom. I have to admit I was holding my breath while it was flashing. But yes, works great! Finding my sd card no problem. I'm very happy with Jedi x.
#7 RoswellWitness, Aug 13, 2014
You'll get past that breath holding as time goes on ;)
#8 Prepaidguy9081, Aug 28, 2014