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AT&T to begin offering WiFi calling

Funny how they call out T-Mobile for flaunting FCC rules when they just got their asses handed to them for throttling.
#2 bjacks12, Oct 7, 2015
I wouldn't hold your breath for wifi calling. I'm still waiting for them to enable Volte for my Nexus 6. I live in a area that has it, but I can't use it because it's not a att branded phone. Maybe if enough people complain, they'll enable it for us.
#3 BurtGummer, Oct 12, 2015
My wife just got an email from AT&T yesterday and forwarded it to me this morning saying that WiFi calling is now enabled.
here is the email:

Information for AT&T customers regarding making calls over Wi-Fi
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: WHITE, DALE <>
Date: Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 3:03 PM
Subject: AT&T Wi-Fi calling

AT&T Customers Can Make Calls Over Wi-Fi on Select Devices Beginning Oct. 8

With the FCC recently granting AT&T’s waiver request related to certain deaf and hard of hearing technology, AT&T customers will be able to use Wi-Fi in addition to the traditional cellular network to make and receive calls while in the U.S. beginning Oct. 8.*

Wi-Fi Calling is a complement to AT&T’s already great network coverage. Along with a network that covers more than 99 percent of all Americans, our customers now have an option for making calls in areas where a cellular signal is tough to get – such as a home or office with dense building construction. Make and receive unlimited domestic calls within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands at no additional charge. International long distance rates apply for calls made to international numbers.

Once set-up, your phone will use Wi-Fi Calling automatically in places where you have limited or no cell signal, but you do have a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

In order to use Wi-Fi Calling, customers just need a compatible device with iOS 9 installed, a postpaid wireless account set-up for HD Voice and a Wi-Fi Internet connection. This includes a Wi-Fi connection set up at home or the office.

Wi-Fi Calling works in the background, allowing you to make and receive calls like you would on the cellular network. Since the service is built-in, you have the same telephone number and access to your contacts without having to add them to a separate app.

Wi-Fi Calling is easy to set-up and, in most ways, making a call over Wi-Fi is a lot like a regular phone call. There is no additional charge on calls to U.S. numbers. See below on how to install. I would recommend testing a few lines before activating on all lines.

Head over to for more information.
#4 shalemail, Oct 13, 2015
I know that they enabled it for the iphone, I just saying don't hold your breath for them to enable it on the Nexus devices. I will be surprised if they do.
#5 BurtGummer, Oct 13, 2015
I am not sure it's up to them to "add something" to make the Nexus work. As far as I know it's capable of it now, Project Fi anyone? As far as I know (and certainly please educate me) it's a matter of turning on the proper channel which once it's on, it's a matter of phones that have the capability. Iphones have been able to WiFi call for some time, android phones have been adding this option recently (by comparison). I know the Nexus can, also some Samsung phones, my wife's Note Edge showed as capable.

Anyway, I'll get to test it late this year.
#6 shalemail, Oct 15, 2015
If only they'd offer the Marshmallow update...
#7 PolarBlue, Dec 20, 2015
It is up to AT&T to add capable phones to their network. Which, like software updates requires testing on their part before approval. In the past, they have not been kind to nexus phones in this regard. They currently (now) have many wifi calling capable phones on their network (nexus however are not, and most likely wont be).

Project Fi, uses different (non AT&T networks) and has approval to run on those networks specifically. That however does not mean it (WiFi calling) will just work on any network.
#8 renegad3, Dec 26, 2015