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Support ATT version has no wireless charging?

I am comming off a Nexus 4 and I am tired of waiting for the 6. I spotted the G4 and it looks like a phone I would really like. I have done a lot of reading, and can't quiet firgure out the status of wireless charging.
With my Nexus 4, out of the box, I just put it on a qi power mat and that's it. But from what I read, if I get the ATT version of the G5, I will not have this feature. Or I have to use some kind of a case, or it uses a different kind of wireless charging... or something. Looks like a deal breaker for me.

Can some one clear this up for me?



#1 jhonb, Sep 1, 2014
Out of the box, none of the US versions have wireless charging. You can either get a QI enabled circle case, a QI enabled replacement back or a QI sticker to replace the NFC only sticker that is on the stock back.

There are a bunch of threads already on this topic.
#2 hilmar2k, Sep 1, 2014
AT&T version does NOT use Qi standard, it uses its own, you need something from AT&T to get wireless charging.
#3 Maine Coon, Sep 1, 2014

AT&T version does not support Qi.
#4 Maine Coon, Sep 1, 2014

Ahhhh....good catch. Completely missed the AT&T reference in the question.
#5 hilmar2k, Sep 1, 2014
Got that. Thanks. Their not to expensive.
But looking around, I don't see a replacement back for the ATT G3 and the PMA. From what I can see, my only option is that o case thing. Do I have it correct?

I don't mind purchasing the mat and a new back, but I don't want a case, let alone one with a flap.
#6 jhonb, Sep 1, 2014
As of right now, only the official LG G3 circle case (AT&T branded one) is the only case that charges with powermat. That may of course change in the future, but right now, that's it.
#7 renegad3, Sep 2, 2014

Thanks. I just got back from the ATT store and the guy working there knew very little about the phone. Told me it was Qi and did not need a case. He now knows the facts. I really liked the phone. If they come out with a back for it, I will get it.

Thanks for all the help here.
#8 jhonb, Sep 2, 2014
#10 jhonb, Sep 6, 2014
Powermat/Duracell is your only brand that I know of that offers a PMA charging mat.

Powermat was who developed it. Powermat and Proctor & Gamble created a joint venture for the base (Duracell Powermat).

Powermat Technologies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
#11 iazybandit, Sep 6, 2014
I don't have any experience with Verizon, but I have found the employees at AT&T know virtually nothing about what they sell. Even the big flagships like the G3 and M8. they know all about iPhones and tell you that even the flagship android phones get very little attention compared to iphones. So they really don't care very much about learning anything about android phones...even the popular ones. Don't expect any real information or knowledge from the store or chat people. This is obviously only my opinion; there are probably some knowledgeable sales and tech help people out there.

I posted elsewhere:
If you start doing some reading, over at xda for instance (and other sources), you'll see that it's a big issue. Although Qi is the most popular standard, and LG intended the G3 to be Qi enabled, AT&T as usual did everything they can to make the phone as bad as possible for customers.

There are two standards; PMA and Qi. Everybody likes Qi and there are hundreds of options/accessories at good prices. PMA (Pwer Matters Alliance) is a different standard, and in fierce competition to Qi. AT&T has bought stock in PMA. Therefore, they will do everything they can to kill any customer use of the competition, Qi. Even though there are not many options for PMA charging, and even though AT&T itself can only sell one accessory; the Circle Case (for $60!). Then you go get a cheesy Duracel power mat for the actual charging. Duracel is a member of this PMA group as well obviously.

As if this were not bad enough, many AT&T G3 owners are experiencing problems even using AT&T's system!! Apparently if you get the circle case, it can stop functioning at any point. Reportedly AT&T has unofficially stated to one xda member that they know there is a problem with their G3 and wireless PMA charging can quit at any point. It's either software or some hardware goofing that AT&T did. Many users have replaced phones and circle cases many times and are still left hanging. So get out your voodoo dolls, stick an AT&T invoice inside the head, and start sticking pins in it, because that's about the only progress you will make with AT&T (may leeches infest their undershorts).

Some people report success cutting open the circle case, getting the sticker out of it, and pasting it into the back cover of the phone.
There' s also the more global issue that the phone is set up for Qi charging by LG out of the box in Korea, but all the US carriers do not sell the phone ready for charging. They make you buy something additional to get this functionality. Typical greed and lack of concern for customers. Except with AT&T, regardless of what you pay, you reportedly cannot get reliable charging- even PMA.

If I'm wrong with any of this, please correct me. If anyone has found a solution to get PMA charging working reliably, long-term, with an AT&T G3, please let us know.
#12 blackdog709, Sep 23, 2014
It surprises me that AT&T is like this in some of their stores. Verizon it might be expected as the sales people and techs are not VZW employees. They're contracted. And in the non-official stores such as GoWireless VZW, they don't receive training at all from VZW directly.

This is why, when a change needs to be made on your account, a VZW store employee usually has to call up customer service. When I was a tech at VZW we'd get calls from their store technicians all the time cause they didn't have access to our system in order to perform a simple dfu reset on the network.

AT&T are hired and trained by AT&T. Granted majority of their training is sales related as its a commission based position. What is the point of hiring your own people for your B&M locations if they aren't as knowledgeable as those they hire and train for call center and tech positions?

Anyways. Both VZW and ATT could do a better job of making the customer aware that wireless charging requires a case and a separate charger. Even if its just a sticker on the original packaging to the tune of "Wireless Charging Accessories sold separately".
#13 SpyderBite, Sep 23, 2014
And the employees themselves can do a better job of saying "I don't Know" instead of making something up.
#14 jhonb, Sep 23, 2014
Majority of what you said is true and accurate (at least to my knowledge). In regards to the US carriers not selling the phone ready for charging and making us buy additional to obtain the functionality....this is slightly false. They don't offer much options or selections. So they can't make money off of us if there is nothing to sell. All they offer is the circle case and not everyone likes it. If they sold battery doors with the wireless charging built it, yes, I would consider that greed and lack of concern but they don't even offer it. Stupid on their part. This goes for VZ, Tmo, Sprint, AT&T, Rogers and Bell.

As for PMA solution, I will be offering PMA chips for sale like I did for the Qi...

#15 iazybandit, Sep 23, 2014
I purchased a powermat on Amazon for about $20 bundled with a portable charger(wireless charging capable) and a case for an iphone 4S. ANY powermat will charge the G3 with the case. I have had problems as stated here with wireless charging the G3. Been thru 3 phones 2 cases and 2 powermats. The powermats are fine charge the charger with no problem. i have sent the phone and case to LG hope they can repair whatever the problem is.
#16 capthr, Sep 23, 2014