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Auto clicker

Without root not sure.
#2 James L, Oct 12, 2017
What's an auto-clicker?

:thinking: (seriously, I haven't heard of that before...)
#3 scary alien, Oct 12, 2017
Most people I've dealt with, use it in conjunction with an app like Amazon flex.
#4 James L, Oct 12, 2017
LOL, just got back from Googling "amazon flex" :p :).

So, it somehow helps you press buttons on your phone? (the auto-clicker)
#5 scary alien, Oct 12, 2017
Something like that i guess lol, flex and uber driver have root checks in them.. That cough, cough might be able to be bypassed.

Seems to be popular requests from clients of mine.
#6 James L, Oct 12, 2017
Not sure if something like input.java would be useful or if the permission structure would deny it's use (i.e., to prevent tapjacking, etc.).

Without knowing more about what the OP wants, it's hard to say...
#7 scary alien, Oct 12, 2017
I need this app to click tasks automatically.
#8 mjussupov, Oct 12, 2017
How about the Tasker app?

#9 scary alien, Oct 13, 2017
Thank you very much for your help. I will try.
#10 mjussupov, Oct 13, 2017