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Barcode Scanner game?

does anyone remember those old scanners games where you got monsters from barcodes has anyone made anything like that for the droid think about it you could collect monsters then possibly battle wireless with friends it would be awesome

or like a Barcode wizard game were you and your friends collect spells to use as wireless attack on other friends with the game loaded on there system you could open up a ton of possiblities


#1 Jack Daniels, Apr 27, 2010
I loved that thing when I was a kid.
#2 Flaring Afro, Apr 27, 2010
yeah and it seems to be over looked combine it with a wireless interface or a text you send to your friend and you could battle

the wizard one you could use it and setup defences and counters that respond automaticly to an adversaries attack
#3 Jack Daniels, Apr 27, 2010
im no programmer but is there an easy to use tool to make a game like this?
#4 Jack Daniels, Apr 28, 2010
i was hoping there would be more shop talk...
#5 Jack Daniels, Apr 28, 2010
I remember playing a game like this during the sdk challenge...
#6 kutsushita, Apr 28, 2010
Oh man that would be incredible :) I loved Barcode Battler when I was a kid! It'd be perfect to have something like that on Android.
#7 scokem, Apr 28, 2010
I've never known that kind of game, but I wonder if it's not Barcode Beasties you're looking for? I'm sure it's not the only game of its kind, either.
#8 KlaymenDK, Apr 28, 2010
that is close but you cant battle friends but thx i will use this
#9 Jack Daniels, Apr 28, 2010
Oh HECK yea!! I remember the days of when I was 8 years old running around scanning every can of soup in my house, heck, I even started to rummage in the freezer at one point!

I would LOVE to have something like this again. Make one that works across ALL platforms, WinMo, BB, iPhone, Android, everything! I have about 5 people I know that would completely do this with me. LOL. Nostalgia and fun ftw.
#10 Thefoodman52, Apr 28, 2010
those things were awsome i remember running all over publix scanning things and scanning all the gum while sitting in line, good old days lol
#11 slugshot_90, Apr 28, 2010
i have decided to gather some friends in the programming community and see what we can come up with
#12 Jack Daniels, Apr 30, 2010
are there any programs out there for programing apps/games
#13 Jack Daniels, May 1, 2010
Start here Android SDK | Android Developers, you need Java or C++ skills.
#14 mrmojoz, May 1, 2010
I think something like a hot or cold game with the scanner would be good. You scan something, then your friend has to try and find it.
#15 hlaalu, May 2, 2010
so i'm looking for people with c++ training i know a little but could use someone willing to help make a cool game
#16 Jack Daniels, May 9, 2010
HTC evo next month and i got cash in hand

cant believe this died so fast...
#17 Jack Daniels, May 17, 2010
What died what fast? You don't ask a game forum for help with making games, you ask a developer forum.
#18 mrmojoz, May 17, 2010
We might not mind looking into doing something like this if the interest is there...

Can you describe the game a little bet better? I am still at a total loss to understand how you would play it and what the point of it is! Thanks. :D
#19 TheAndroidWorks, May 18, 2010
ok the idea is simple enough but tons of potential you use the scanner to scan barcodes and instead of getting a readout of what it is and where to find it you get a Monster or a robot or something depending on how the game were setup (me and a few people have some ideas but need a programmer) or parts or food or a battle that could drop more of the same or special items. then there is the duel aspect were people that have the game can dual locally via gps using the sprites and items or globally via a battle system to earn status,hold territory and other things we have a much broader idea of what we want but im just giving an idea. i know little about c++ or java to do the programming my self and my friends just know the basics enough to fool around.

oh and i wasn't asking for help in the topic just off hand in the topic i started about it because it is impolite to make multiple topics on the same subject of course. i was planning on asking in the programmer section but i'm sure a few people that know how stop by here. i mean how else do you get idea for things if not to look around and see what people want.
#20 Jack Daniels, May 19, 2010
Hi there. I'm the programmer / author of the game Barcode Beasties. Although I originally started it over a year ago, I didn't have any time up until recently to improve it. However, thankfully, now I do have some time and I am working on it daily.

I'm half way through implementing the multiplayer side of it, which does include stuff like geographically locating nearby other players (in fact, I have integrated a "Layar" part to it as well, so you will be able to hold your phone up and see nearby "beasts" in real time!) and there is going to be all sorts of good stuff like levelling up, XP, trading etc etc etc.

Anyway, I'm always looking for help so if you want to assist then please get in touch. If you want to do your own thing, then good luck as well ! My email is richard@barcodebeasties.com if you want to write direct instead of via the forum.


#21 ragmondo, May 28, 2010
Techno savvy I am not, but i'll test the crap out of it when its released to beta.
#22 Xavion2004, May 29, 2010
Speaking of scanning objects for a game, I was wondering if it were possible to make scanning different objects have different effects? Like scanning food would give you in-game food/feed your monster, or scanning vitamins or band aids could heal? Maybe being item specific in scans would be unreasonable from a developer's perspective, but I just thought I'd throw that idea out.

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#23 RyanB, May 29, 2010

We will send you an email later today. :D
#24 TheAndroidWorks, Jun 1, 2010
I beta test tonnes of games and am always willing to help... drop me a message on here when you are ready and I'll beta (or alpha even if you want) it.

I'm a tech support analyst thats been gaming since I was 4 so should able provide some decent feedback.

(HTC Desire)
#25 DenieD_UK, Jun 1, 2010