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Support [OFFICIAL] Battery performance

Hi does anybody else have the note 8 with the galaxy gear 2 watch that came with the note 7. Mine was working great then when I paired it with my new Note 8 the watch battery dies 3 times in a 12-14 hour day. When it was paired with my s7edge I would easily get 16-20 hours with same use. I think the phone and watch is having connection issues between the device.


#1 fdavisson1, Sep 9, 2017
did you use smart switch or some cloud restore? maybe do a factory reset on the wealth and re attempt an install on the watch. could be something tangled up in the restore.
#2 marctronixx, Sep 9, 2017
I'm loving my note 8, but why is the battery dying so quick? Anyone else having that problem?
#3 Fahadalnoah, Sep 14, 2017
How quickly is "so quick"? Without some idea of that we can't know whether your phone is dying faster than it should or not.

Everyone's battery life varies according to their usage, e.g. playing internet-connected games with the screen on full brightness will drain any phone, sitting in your pocket doing nothing in a strong signal area should do very little to the battery, watching YouTube uses more power than reading an ebook, etc. So "normal" for one person is not the same as normal for another, and it's hard to compare without a lot of information about how you use the phone. However, a useful measure is how much time you get with the screen on per charge cycle: roughly speaking that tells us how much time you spent actively using the phone, and certainly how much time its most power-hungry component (the display) was active. All phones will use power faster if in weak coverage, so that's important to know too. If you can tell us what you typically do with it, and particularly if there are particular circumstances where it drains quickly, that will also help.
#4 Hadron, Sep 14, 2017
I've been impressed with the battery life on my N8 -- it seems better than what I was getting on my S8. Try an app like GSam Battery Monitor from Google Play to find out what's draining your battery.
#5 WeeWilly, Sep 14, 2017

My battery life is excellent, I charge it overnight and it lasts all day with average use. Usually by bedtime I'm down to 25%. 6:30AM -11PM
#6 bukifvr, Sep 14, 2017
Rabbit hole discussion. At the end of the day its how the end user utilizes their device.

Example: im at 56% and the phone has been off charger since 330am pacific time (its 1:15 pm now). I have high performance mode on and i have a super CPU intensive animated HD wallpaper. Ive been using the phone lots because its a new toy and im still getting used to Sammys ecosystem.

Bottom line: everyone's mileage will vary. If one thinks their device is not lasting the way they need/intend, recommend they should simply return the device. There are other new flagship devices out there (v30, iPhone X, Pixel, Essentials...)that may be a better fit.
#7 marctronixx, Sep 14, 2017

The biggest drain I have found are the notification. If you have messages, email, Whats App, and other types of messages streaming to the watch, it really drains the watch.
#8 pyrwhite, Sep 14, 2017
I have the Gear 2 with the Note 8 and I haven't noticed any difference in battery drain, but I don't have notifications turned on.
#9 WeeWilly, Sep 14, 2017
I have the gear S3 frontier watch, and when I paired it to my Note8, I had to reset the watch in order to pair it to the new phone. I've actually noticed major improvement in battery life on the watch, so if you haven't had to reset your watch, try that. If you already did that, wouldn't hurt to try again as maybe something didn't go well the first time you did it.
#10 TrueFangz, Sep 14, 2017
The Galaxy Note 8's battery isn't exactly huge when compared against the phone's overall massive size. Especially considering at 3,300mAh, it's actually smaller than the 3,500mAh battery found in the Galaxy S8+.

Galaxy Note 8 battery life Screenshot_20170915-002024.jpg Galaxy Note 8 battery life Screenshot_20170915-002033.jpg
That being said, battery life is still pretty on par with what I was getting with the S8+, maybe a little worse. The Note 8 hits around 3+ hours of screen-on time consistently with Always On Display enabled (a little more when AOD is off). Keep in mind that's with screen brightness manually set to about 60% and 150+ apps installed on my device.

It's nothing mind blowing and honestly a lot worse than I've seen reported by other users so I'd be curious to hear what other users have been able to squeeze out of the Note 8.

Upload screenshots and share your own battery life experiences in this thread!
#11 GamerCore, Sep 15, 2017
OK I have had my Note 8 since Sept 5th or so now I got one of the early shipments and I was really concerned about the 3300 MAH battery but I am finding this phone holds a charge like no Samsung I have ever had before. The others seemed to drain when I wasn't even using them. This thing chugs along and along.

I am now actually forgetting to put phone on the charger at not and not panicking in the morning.It charges fast with the corded fast charger, my adaptive fast charger in my car charges it quick but it always seems to have lots of power.

I do Uber at nights and that leaves your phone on all the time and I used to have a cord always connnected to me S7 Edge but with the not I can go for hours on end with out plugging it in.

Love this phone.

BTW I am running in QHD and with full power on to everything like Bluetooth wifi and am usually streaming from pandora.
#12 DroidL, Sep 25, 2017
Comparing to my Huawei Mate 9 which I was using for 9 months before I get the not 8
I'd say I'm not impressed by the note 8 battery, the 9 months old mate 9 battery lasts longer than my 4 days old Note 8 battery
#13 Talal23, Sep 25, 2017
Hi all, i hope you guys can help me out with some honest comments.

Im actually about to buy the note 8 (dual sim) and i was very concerned about the battery. I've read all the reviews and watched all the videos about the battery life, but they are all the same..they put a a game etc..and for me thats not a real example of how this phone holds up in real life.
Im not sure if im a 'heavy user' or not, i basically use my phone for work which means:

  • reading/sending about 30 emails a day
  • whatsapp is pretty much on all day
  • 3 or 4 max 5 min phone calls
  • the occasional facebook/instagram browsing
  • 90% of the time wifi
All in all i dont think i have my phone on (display) for more than perhaps 3 hours a day, but my concern is when im out of the office and i do all of the above (mainly with 3G/4G not wifi) and im on around 5 - 6 hours display time with hardly any chance to plug the phone in since im on the move... Currently i have a dual sim Xiaomi mi6 which definitely lasts me all day (i get home with around 50% battery left after a 9 hour day) or 20% if im out of the office by the time i get home, this phone has a similar battery to the note 8 but a smaller display. Before this i had an iphone plus 6S, which pretty much gave me the same on time.

So my question is, based on all of the above, do you guys think ill get similar battery life from the note 8? mainly when im on the move...I really hope so...
#14 capuman, Sep 25, 2017
That's tough one to answer since there is a lot of variables to consider when looking at battery life... but I would say that it will probably be worse than what you got now. I would say that I am a mid-heacy user when by the time I get home around 4 i have about 15-20 % left.
#15 jamesfpcc, Sep 25, 2017
wow thats pretty bad.... Im jsut getting so many different reviews online..dont know which one to believe..
#16 capuman, Sep 25, 2017
I seriously spent all day on my phone yesterday. (Couch potato type of days for once.) I played games for hours, streamed music to Bluetooth headset while I was doing the only productive thing yesterday: mowing the lawn, also checked emails here and there, sent and received a few texts, talked on 2 different phone calls about 10 minutes each, had WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS turned on all day, colored around in PenUp with the SPen, and I think that's about it. I was on battery power from 6:30am (100%) till 10:00pm (18%) when I went to bed.
#17 TrueFangz, Sep 25, 2017

Your current device does not have the latest hardware and screen size as the note 8 , so take that into consideration.

The things you cant actually gauge is cellular use, wifi use, and switching between the two, screen on time, background apps.

I doubt you will get the same battery life that you are seeing now, so if you are interested in this device, invest in a portable powerbank if you think you will be out and about and not close to AC charging.
#18 marctronixx, Sep 25, 2017
Thats the kind of usage i was hoping for.

Yeah, power bank is a given i think.

Actually, would turning the resolution down to 720 really help? (Id only do this the days im out traveling though if it helps).
#19 capuman, Sep 25, 2017
Reducing the resolution wont help enough to matter.

And using the screen at anything other than full native resolution is a waste. Perhaps you should look into the s8 or something like the V30.

The phone is still in its infancy so the jury is still out on overall battery stats from many different people, but if you are any power user and are away from power, you are not going to be happy with this device, unless you have a powerbank. That's just the way it's going to be until battery tech matures more to catch up.

Perhaps the only way for you to get any idea is to test drive one. We all have different operating environments so sitting online speculating about this or that all day wont really bear any fruit, in my humble opinion. :)
#20 marctronixx, Sep 26, 2017
I really want the note 8 (coming from a note 3 in the past) as i see the SPen as something very useful for me for work. I was about to buy the note 7 before all the issues started. I just dont get why Samsung for the sake of bringing stuff out quickly dont give us what we really want. In other words, a note 8 with a bigger battery life and a finger print reader in a different position...

But to be honest i dont really mind those things as long as i can get at least 5 hours screen happy. I've not seen any battery reviews for the dual sim version though..wonder if thats the same or worse.
#21 capuman, Sep 26, 2017
I should have looked at my on screen time from Sunday, but somehow didn't think about it at the time. I am pretty darn sure I totally topped 5 hours though.

Anyway, if you need more convincing on the phone, I usually like the reviews at Droid Life if you value their opinions. These two are good blogs. They don't talk about battery too much though.
#22 TrueFangz, Sep 26, 2017
Ok im sold!!
#23 capuman, Sep 27, 2017
You wont be disappointed in battery life of the Note 8, If you didn't need a power bank before you won't need now
#24 J_Hansen, Sep 29, 2017
I have had my note since it came out. I average around 4/5 hours s day with full 100% useage Inc emails.. streaming etc. Good battery life not disappointed
#25 buck9262, Oct 1, 2017