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General Battery Replacement in the Future

New to this forum.. Er.. Hi.

So, I'm really quite paranoid about everything and that includes the nexus 5. I do all the things in the book to make my battery make it through more discharge and charge cycles and reduce the deterioration as much as possible, but it is inevitable that it will fail one day. I did the calculations I made, probably 3 and a halfish years.

So since I plan way too much into the future, I was looking for replacement batteries and found I read the reviews and they were quite nice, but I ask if the quality and performance of these replacements are equivalent or better than the lg OEM one....

Any help would help my paranoia and be appreciated.


#1 Spotty1125, Jul 30, 2014
Bro, in 3 years if you haven't bought a new phone you're doing it wrong.
#2 thisISjoel, Jul 30, 2014
Generally speaking, I would stick with the original manufacturers battery if it's available: there are too many stories of 3rd party batteries failing, sometimes spectacularly .. and occassionally - think flames in your pocket - painfully.
#3 SiempreTuna, Jul 31, 2014
I disagree. I hope to still be using my Nexus 5 in three years or more (assuming it is still working).

Removing the battery seems to be fairly straightforward looking at this:

So if anyone can recommend a reliable replacement battery I, too, would be grateful.
#4 JBentleyR, Jul 31, 2014
I'd be more inclined to consider finding a replacement battery down the line when reviews will be plentiful and they'll no doubt be cheaper.

As it is I'm not concerned about the battery life whatsoever but I'm more of a worry about it if/when it happens kind of guy. I charge my phone when I feel the need (usually nightly) and always done that in 4 years of Android ownership.

You'll also need to recalculate the longevity when you go onto Android L (assuming you're not running the developer preview) the battery lasts a fair bit longer before needing a charge.
#5 BynoUK, Jul 31, 2014
I'm planning to keep it as long as possible.. Maybe if the greatest phone deal in the world comes along I'll go for that but I'd not, I'd stick with it..
#6 Spotty1125, Jul 31, 2014
Well in that case, where do you think would be the best place to find as genuine battery? (Like, there has to be take ones around, right..)
#7 Spotty1125, Jul 31, 2014
It seems to me that how long you keep the phone isn't an issue when it comes to battery life. If you get rid of the phone before the battery goes bad, a future owner of that phone will eventually experience battery failure and will need to take action.
#8 ktriebol, Jul 31, 2014
How does anyone go more than 12-24 months with the same phone?

Especially someone who (presumably since they posted here) is into tech?

3 years ago the best phones were iphone 4s and samsung galaxy s 2!

Imagine where phone technology will be 3 years from now!
#9 thisISjoel, Jul 31, 2014
It's not always about where tech is going. And not everyone cares about being on the cutting edge. Some people invest in a Nexus because it is advanced enough at the time that, with Google updates, they will have a solid phone that even years later will hold it's own. I used my Nexus One until the Nexus 4 came along. I have friends that are quite happy with a Galaxy S II.

For those who like being at the forefront and don't mind the expense, Nexus devices at least offer a more reasonable way to upgrade more regularly, but they are also good for folks who just want a capable device that will remain capable for a few years.
#10 Hook, Jul 31, 2014
If you buy a device and are happy with it then why upgrade? Especially if you're into custom roms etc. I personally buy new stuff when I feel like it (I do try to limit myself to a 2 year period of hanging onto stuff though)

Had an invite to buy the 64GB One plus One last weekend, very nearly did too but held off because I really do love my Nexus 5. Regret it now of course but if I bought everything I wanted then I'd never have any money, that's a game I'm not prepared to play :D
#11 BynoUK, Jul 31, 2014
I'm sure you're right. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
#12 JBentleyR, Jul 31, 2014
Because the phone fulfils all the requirements? The Nexus 5 does everything I need or want.

A different phone might come along that has a slightly longer battery life, perhaps, but what else is another phone likely to do better than the Nexus 5 that would induce you to buy a new one?

Yes, I realise that some contracts encourage you to renew with the offer of a new handset, but I'm on PAYG.
#13 JBentleyR, Jul 31, 2014
1. Bigger, better screen.

2. Faster processor.

3. Better camera.

4. Biometric scanner(s) (i.e. fingerprint, heart rate etc.)

5. Better battery (I know you already mentioned that).

6. Whatever other developments I can't predict as the technology continues to grow and evolve.

Listen, I get to some people that a phone is just a phone and if it does everything they need they'll use it until it dies BUT this is a forum populated by techies so it surprises me that people here wouldn't be into updating to the latest and greatest, you know?
#14 thisISjoel, Jul 31, 2014
1. Hell, if they made the screen any bigger it wouldn't fit in my hand!

2. I've not noticed any lack of speed.

3. The camera seems fine to me.

4. Don't need it.

5. Yes, they say that battery technology is always improving.

6. Nor I. Perhaps I'd be interested in a teleporter!

Don't get me wrong. I'm as interested as anyone in technology. On the other hand, I'm a tight-fisted Yorkshireman.
#15 JBentleyR, Jul 31, 2014
Might need to broaden your definition of "techie." :rolleyes: ;)
#16 Hook, Jul 31, 2014
Diff'nt strokes, I guess :ciao::car:
#17 thisISjoel, Aug 1, 2014
I'm into the latest and greatest stuff but I'm still running an S3 which I decided to root and put Slimkat on (now it runs better than it ever did)

I'd say being into tech is about getting the best out of existing stuff, not just having the newest gadgets.

Not arguing or anything, just throwing my view out there :)
#18 BynoUK, Aug 1, 2014
There's two points of view here essentially. There is the people that will be getting a new phone every single product cycle, or every two cycles. Then there are the people that will be getting a phone after they run the one they have into the ground, essentially.

For people that plan on using their phones till they're not useful anymore, a new battery will probably be on the way through that process.
#19 GuitarG20, Aug 1, 2014
I'd bet there is a lot of us in the latter group on the forum. This website is very helpful for us. For example, I have an ASUS Transformer tablet that was "updated" to ICS a while back, but it was so laggy that we never used it. Because of this site, I was able to find a good method of flashing a new ROM to it and now it runs like a champ. The tablet tech is at least three cycles back, but it works great especially for our needs. When the battery becomes unusable I'll take a look at battery replacement options since I'd rather my little toddler destroy a tablet that I just invested a $30 battery in than a new $300+ tablet.
#20 exninja, Aug 1, 2014
AF is first and foremost a support forum, that is our bread and butter. We get the whole spectrum here - everyone from the people who just picked up their first smartphone to full blown android developers - Personally, I think thats pretty cool :)

At some point, the batteries on these will deteriorate. Not everyone wants/needs the latest and greatest, and are looking to keep their phones working as long as possible. This is especially the case now that more and more people are buying phones outright. Example: When the nexus 5 launched, I saw a lot of people who said they were going to pick up the nexus 4 for really cheap from everyone upgrading to the nexus 5.

Lets respect the OP's decision to want to keep this train a chugging, and keep discussion centered toward that goal. :thumbup:

Edit: Where are my manners? Welcome to the forums Spotty! :D
#21 Rxpert83, Aug 1, 2014

Faster processor - I'd agree to that
Bigger screen, I feel the screen on the n5 is already stretching my comfort level.... I don't want to require 2 hands to use my phone

Biometrics, I wouldn't use them anyways (if they were something I cared about, I'd have a Samsung g5)

Heart rate monitor? How useful is that? Not like I'm gonna pull the phone mid run to check pulse when I can just reach up and feel my neck...

This is coming from someone who upgraded less than 3 weeks ago from a iphone4... Because I was required to by terms of conditions when switching from att to T-Mobile.
#22 scythefwd, Aug 2, 2014
I came across this thread in an attempt to find a reputable dealer in replacement batteries for Kindles. As I read through the posts, I was astounded at the fact that the person attempting pretty much the same thing for his phone, and wanting to be proactive, was argued with to the extent that NO ONE at this reading ever actually answered his question. Everyone seemed stuck on the fact that he didn't want to toss a piece of electronic equipment simply because, in everyone else's opinion, it had reached it's 'Sell-by date'. Why is it that a person is not allowed to ask a simple question about a product, without being beat up on for asking that question? I hope that he was able to find someone who would actually help him with his solution.
#23 tom86, Sep 15, 2016
I agree. My Nexus 5 (still running KitKat, btw) is over 2 years old now and the battery, whilst quite adequate for the moment, seems not to last quite as long between charges. I suspect that I, too, will want to replace it before too long and would also be interested in hearing about reliable replacements.
I see no reason to buy a new phone just for the dubious pleasure of owning a nice, modern one although I know that many people do think this way!
#24 JBentleyR, Sep 15, 2016
I know this is a two year old thread that got bumped, and things have changed I think. Biometrics, which is of an interested to me. Fingerprint scanners, yes I do use, and find very intuitive and reliable. Heart rate is easy, as long as the camera has an LED flash in close proximity to the lens, there's quite a few apps for that, run the app and just put your finger over the camera lens. Samsung's new iris scanner feature, I can't make that work at all, and when I tried it, felt like it would give bad migraines if not careful.

Two years use and the battery is showing signs of reduced capacity, that sounds about right. As for getting replacement batteries for a Nexus 5, I don't know for sure, I've never seen one. But try probably.
#25 mikedt, Sep 15, 2016 Last edited: Sep 15, 2016