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General Battery replacement

I want to buy a second battery for my SGP 4.2. I've looked around the Samsung web site, no luck. Can't find any reference to spare batteries. Amazon lists loads of them. But from some feedback, I see some sellers are selling generic batteries of unknown quality. But they don't make it clear in the description that the items are genuine or generic.

So the question is, does anyone out there know a reliable source for batteries?


#1 DynahoeDave, May 25, 2013
If they are fulfilled by Amazon, you should be relatively. Samsung is notoriously rubbish to buy spare parts from. That goes along with post sales customer care.
#2 ottavio, May 26, 2013
I've seen original batts on ebay from time to time. The replacement types from China should be fairly good for the price. I've purchased several for a dell axim and they fit and work well, slightly shorter life I think but for the price usually worth it.
#3 exscentric, May 29, 2013
I found the same exact battery for the 4.2 on amazon. I just typed in samsung 3.7v li-ion battery 5.55wh and it showed the same battery for my 4.2 player. The image comes a bit zoomed in for the battery so you can tell if it is the right one or not. It costs about 8 dollars. Also keep in mind that it is not sold by amazon but by OEM battery supply.
#4 Abdul Khan, Jul 7, 2014
Did you end up buying it? And did it work? I want to buy one but am unsure.
#5 Techlord, Jul 12, 2014
And also do you mind posting the actual link to the battery? I typed what you posted and there's a bunch of different options.
#6 Techlord, Jul 12, 2014
I am from a verry far away country, Romania-Europe. You, Americans, and not only, you talk much obout phones( new and old ones), android soft variants but not verry much about spare parts, wich , after buying the device become the main problem of the user.
Obveousely, in Europe we heve diffrent tipes and brands of spare parts than you.
Today I will ask you some about accumulators for phones.
Does anybody know some about ANDIDA accumulators? Who are thay? Are they any good ?
They bragg about their higher capacity at the same dimensional gabaryth.
But the reliability, the maintenance of good caracteristics in time ?
What do you know about it ? Please answer, like good forumists you are !
#7 dsm, Aug 8, 2014
Originals accumulators for Samsung are made in Japan and assambled in Korrea.
In Romania, prices for orig. samsung acc. are better than Amazon +dellivery costs( 1500 mA, 3,8 V= from $ 6,7 to $ 25 . But there are many no-names, and our money is in danger to be spend on "junk".
#8 dsm, Aug 8, 2014
Lol what are you talking about? I got a good deal from amazon for less than 10 dollars! Bought an anker battery over the "OEM" which people risk of getting counterfeit parts. And its working perfectly.
#9 Techlord, Aug 8, 2014
Dear Lord of Tech(nollogy- I think ! )-Techlord !
Yes, a deal of $10 for a 1500 mA Samsung litiu-ions rechargeble is a good deal. But , my humble economical knowlege say to me that 6, ...something is better than 10. Simple as that.
I reminded $25 price in Romania, for the accuracy of informations. I think you can not imagine I prefered and bought the most expensive provider.
But I'll remind you, I said I'm from an Europian country and, by conseq., a dellivery from your e-bay costs much more than you , I think , wouldn't pay.
But (sic ! ) -is in LATIN language for you , I know I know , you americans are mach more angry than cultivate , no offence , but is a fact , NO ONE , EVEN YOU LORD , MY SWEET LORD ,
#10 dsm, Aug 11, 2014
I see you generalizing a lot..not all Americans are the same. Lol BTW why the disdain towards Americans? Pretty sure android forums is american.....but back on subject, are you talking about OEM batteries?
#11 Techlord, Aug 11, 2014
My sweet Lord, of course not ALL americans are ....you know. But is verry hard to take a good magnifier , certenly not from this distance. I don't intended to offence you, or you co-nationals , but you must admit , americans are , generally , verry angry , ready to put a " bomb " on your head if you don't agree with them.
But you are right, I'm to old for this and is better to talk about "enlarged cappacity" rechargebles ( I don't write freq. in english-why you don't have a proper name for your language ?! and I'm not verry shure about my spellings , but I APPOLOGISE TO ALL AMERICANS AND ENGLISHMANS FOR IT ! )
You, americans , have a national EXPRESS COMUNICATION DISEASE(?) : YOU USE TO MUCH ABREVIATIONS AND , I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU SAY IN ENGLISH - WE SAY " SIGLE" = N.S.A, NASA, U.S.A, ANS SO, AND SO ON, AND ON, AND....May be you'll remember not every one is american in this Global World and can not understand what the f..you are talking about with OME , ARE, or ou name it.
I think , even all americans haven't no idea what means that kind of " narrow technical language-terminollogy " you use. By convive respect, for those who are genuinely declare arn't american and/or technical consultant, speak about those terms in common sens english. Please ! I speak and write in 3 languages, plus my native Romanian, but I don't understand the " narrow tech "!
The name ANDIDA is the trade mark of a rechargeble litiu ion high capacity long lasting batteryes( egs. : 1700 mA instead only 1500mA in the same gabarith dimensions. And I can't find any thing about them , in terms of reliability. Is not Shakesperian, but THAT IS THE QUESTION !
#12 dsm, Aug 11, 2014